The Mobile First Salesperson

by Adam Luckeroth, on Jun, 19, 2014

From first educating a prospect to the final signing of a contract, sales teams can now complete the full lifecycle of a purchase from the convenience of a mobile device – but only with the right apps. Savvy managers, owners, and marketers have discovered that the right mobile technology can offer a sales team certain advantages over conventional customer relationship management software. Here are some ways that sales teams are using mobile-first business apps to increase their effectiveness throughout the sales cycle.


1. Qualify Prospects With Mobile

Mobile can allow a sales team to research and store additional information on prospective and existing customers. Through CRM solutions, marketers can improve client retention with more in-depth knowledge of the client relationship, in addition to vastly improving lead generation. Marketing directors and supervisory staff members can easily keep tabs on what their sales team is doing through dashboard tracking centers -- and the sales team will see a huge productivity boost through constant access to up-to-date information on their clients.

Additionally, team members will find it easier than ever to switch quickly between clients and switch clients between sales staff members, as all data will be consolidated in a single easy to access area.

2. Show Content & Educate through Presentation Apps

Having dynamic content at their fingertips changes the way buyers learn about products and services. Rather than having a passive presentation delivered to them, buyers can engage actively in a holistic and complete presentation experience. The Modus app allows for complicated offerings to be explained in a simpler, more interactive way.

The addition of interactivity into an otherwise boring presentation allows your audience to play with the information and allows you to determine what their core interests and needs are. Your audience’s understanding of your complex content will inevitably lead to a higher close rate for your sales people. The more engaged a prospective client is with your branding and your product, the more likely they are to commit and convert.

3. Collect Information

With the big push to Solution Selling, salespeople need to understand their potential clients needs, wants, and desires. That makes note taking during a meeting hugely important to the end goal of closing business. By consolidating notes on a cloud solution, marketers and sales team members can ensure that they never lose important details. Notes can also be easily shared and archived for future reference, or imported into customer relationship management software.

4. Close the Deal With Digital Signature

While sitting in a meeting with a decision maker, sales reps are now able to get a signature directly on their tablet and close the deal on the spot. The faster a sales team member can get a final decision, the better it is for the company. Technology allows sales reps to get signatures on their tablet right away.

Any time a salesperson can sign a deal directly in the meeting, everyone wins! Documents can also be signed by the sales team member on their tablet or mobile device and then emailed directly to the decision maker for a quick and entirely digital transaction.

Mobile devices put your most powerful closing tools safely within the pockets of your sales staff members. Modern businesses can empower their sales team today by upgrading their technology and simplifying and streamlining their sales and marketing processes.

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