The Marketing Nation Summit 2016 #MKTGnation Recap

by Adam Luckeroth, on May, 19, 2016

How do you keep over 5,000 marketers engaged in a city with literally unlimited entertainment options?

Answer: Go big or go home.

Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation Summit, held this past May 9-12th in Las Vegas went big, very big. Will Smith, Alison Levine and Rachel Platten (just to name a few) were all a part of this joyful reunion of marketing minds.

Here are some of the highlights:

A refreshing focus on partners. The theme of the conference was “Tomorrow’s Marketer”, and tomorrow’s marketer has a big tech stack. Marketo recognizes this fact and is making moves to grow and support their service and technology partners to help users get more value from the platform. This is good news for marketers everywhere.

The learning. Over 100 sessions were presented by talented industry leaders ranging from hands-on marketing tactics to advanced executive strategy and everything in-between. Sessions were highly popular, with most filled to max capacity!

The Modus - Marketo integration. It was very gratifying to hear the feedback and excitement for our new Marketo integration!

Account-based Marketing and Sales Enablement. These strategic shifts have changed the approach to marketing and sales, the ways that teams work together and the tools required to do the job. No longer just buzz words, ABM and Sales Enablement are here to stay.

Alison Levine. Arguably the most powerful keynote of the event, Alison spoke of ambition, failure, never giving up, conquering the world’s highest peak (Everest) and how going backward can also mean progress. Humorous and deeply moving at the same time.

Will Smith. If you’ve never met Will, but you’re familiar with his work, you’ll feel like you know him. Will is the same genuine, authentic guy on and off screen. He talked about getting started in his career and how he considers himself more of a marketer than an entertainer because the main connecting thread throughout his career has been his ability to connect with an audience and change to remain relevant in his message and communication. He even treated the audience to a live performance of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”. Little did we know what was to come later that evening.


The exhibitors. Poker runs, a selection of gourmet fruit infused ice water, Oculus Rifts and fast-paced demos were just a few of the innovative ways that exhibitors engaged with conference attendees. Exhibiting is about having a presence, starting conversations and generating leads. Kudos to the many creative teams that put in the extra effort.

The parties. From start to finish, there was no lack of good times, with multiple happy hours and parties hosted by companies including Elixiter, Mambo, Everstring, Social123, DemandGen, RevEngine, Rybbon, Marketo and more. And speaking of parties…

Everstring’s Huge Win. Book DJ Jazzy Jeff for a pool party and Will Smith shows up as a bonus. Need I say more? EVERYONE was talking about this party; there was even coverage of the reunion by USA Today. What will Everstring do next?


Rachel Platten's "Not so overnight" success. In between singing her top hits, the amazingly talented Rachel Platten talked about her many years dedicated to music, playing in small towns, restaurants and backcountry bars long before people knew who she was (far from an overnight success). She shared stories of how even her closest friends and family would advise her to give up. Her message stressed the importance of believing in yourself, of staying true to your passion.

The marketers. How could we forget the marketers? The Marketing Nation is a smart, focused, driven, tight-knit group of marketers that’s leading the industry in a charge for innovative, responsible marketing.


Thank you @annhandley for the book!

And finally, congrats to Marketo on their tenth anniversary! #MKTGnation 2016 was a massive success. After such a fantastic event, the only question is, what will they do to top it next year?


Bye, #mktgnation! It's been real.

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