Ten New Business Apps Every Business Professional Needs

by Orrin Broberg, on Feb, 27, 2014

As applications have become more integrated into everyday life, the small business owner and modern entrepreneur will need to adopt the best applications if they plan on maximizing efficiency in their work flow. These ten web and mobile apps have been tested and proven to get you  connected, organized and visible; thus, increasing your potential for business success.


1. Google Drive- Now available for mobile and tablets

If you haven't yet made the integration, it's time. As one of the premiere cloud operatives, Google Drive offers an array of smart applications for no cost at all (Storage of up to 30 GB is free). With one application you can access your files from anywhere using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone; each time you make an adjustment it will automatically update the changes across every device.

Share data sheets, word documents, photos and slide presentations with anyone by sharing permissions. Having a team capable of working on one document from several locations is truly remarkable.

2. Evernote- Store everything you can imagine in one place 

While there are comparable data storage applications, Evernote comes equipped with unique tools to help you remember and save virtually anything in the digital realm. Think of it as a personal journal, filing cabinet tool, or project management system. Some popular features, include:

  • Digitalize Physical Notes- Take a picture and Evernote can read and transcribe the text
  • Note Taking- Customize and store your thoughts
  • Web Clipping Browser Extension- Rather than saving just URL's, store an entire webpage for quick access and reference

3. PayPal Here- Get paid from anywhere, using any form of payment, instantly!

For awhile the mobile application Square was able to hold the top spot in the mobile processing market. PayPal's Here offers a 2.7% processing fee, accepts checks, links money directly to PayPal, and also can be paid with invoices.

4. MetroMile- Free Car Analytics Device

While your driving habits don't seamlessly translate into business success, knowing where your money goes behind the wheel each month will help save you precious time and fuel costs. MetroMile simply plugs into your cars diagnostic system and syncs with the free mobile app to keep you informed on things, such as:

  • MPG achieved at all times
  • Engine Status
  • Where you parked using GPS technology
  • Recommendations on when to leave based on traffic

5. Presence- Turn an old device into a security system

Business security can be expensive, and making it compatible with your mobile devices is another cost entirely. With Presence you simply take an old iOS device, download the free app, connect to Wi-Fi, plug it into the wall and rest easy with a constant stream of security to your current device from anywhere in the world. Features include:

  • Video alerts via motion detection
  • Live feed video
  • Extra attachments are available for remote robotic control

6. Mint- See all of your accounts in one place

  • Manage all of your finances on the go
  • No business thrives without knowing the monthly budget. Mint's mobile features allow you to check what categories you can afford to splurge a little at a moment's notice.
  • Easy Manual Entries
  • While all digital transactions are updated automatically, cash expenditures won't be included in your figures using some comparable applications. Mint allows you to manually enter cash transactions immediately to stay fully aware on every source of spending.
  • Trusted, Safe and Secure

10 Million users feel safe syncing financial accounts due to Mint's 128 bit SSL- encryption, which is the same security banks use. Data is also protected by VeriSign and TRUSTe.

7. Dropbox- The universal choice for file sharing

File sharing domains have become competitive, and while Google Drive does offer a larger amount of free space, not everyone chooses to integrate their account with all of Google's features. Dropbox accounts can be made using any email address, and can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile devices to sync files automatically, while also being accessible offline.

8. Roambi Analytics- Powerful data visualization tool

Businesses love data, because the numbers are crucial to growth and success. But interpreting those numbers is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to creating colorful visual aids. Roambi comes equipped with 10 templates, each having a unique combination of visualization, interactive navigation, and analytic features designed to captivate and navigate you through your data.

9. Vigil- Never let a customer be the first to tell you your website is down

For just $19.99 a year, you can periodically monitor an unlimited amount of websites, receiving push notifications if an issue arises with any of them. Their main selling point is having the ability to monitor your site from anywhere, receiving performance statistics on what can be improved to keep your webpages operating at maximum potential.

10. Fedex Office Print It

Last but not least, FedEx has optimized your ability to print while on the go. Office Print-It can access any of your cloud storage applications, have the file printed and delivered right to you, given there's a FedEx Kinko's within a reasonable distance. With all of the time business consumes, any ability to handle trivial tasks from the push of a button can only be to your benefit.

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