Smart Lead Nurturing Your Sales Team Will Love

by Nick Adams, on May, 5, 2016

Having been a part of some great sales organizations in my career, I can say that meeting face to face, in person with customers, produces strong client relationships. This seems pretty obvious, right? Creating these relationships is what good sales people do. Besides the incentive, good salespeople enjoy creating and developing relationships. This is what they do. They are relationship people.


I’ll make another generalization: sales people hate to follow-up; whether in CRM or with a prospect they just met with. Filling out forms and committing to an unknown buying timeline is tedious and stressful. Add to that the current pace of business and volume of activities and details can get overlooked.

Dealing with this conflict is what sales managers do. I know because I have managed many talented sales people. For every opportunity we missed because of lack of follow-up, I suspected there were several more. There had to be a way to plug the leaks in the pipeline.

Until recently, the only solution was a mandated compliance in CRM. The good news is that over time, a lot of research has been done on sales adoption of CRM, and we have facts:

  • CRM has little or no impact on the top line revenue for a company
  • Sales people hate it because of the time it takes away from doing what they are paid to do – and like doing
  • Sales management doesn’t like it because they want their reps out selling (and not wasting time on admin tasks)
  • Marketing wishes that CRM had more accurate and reliable data reflecting actual buyer engagement

Clearly, something needs to change

What if you could provide a solution that takes the burden from your sales reps, gives marketing what they need, and provide contact-specific marketing via lead nurturing? You can do it today right from our app on the tablet used in the sales call by reps. Every time they use our app and send a follow-up email with links to the media the customer is interested in, that action can trigger a campaign specifically designed for that media. The rep doesn’t need to do anything. Oh, and we can put that contact info and email into the CRM automatically too. Save time, increase sales and reduce aggravation. Pretty cool!

That’s on the sales call, but what about trade shows?

We have a customer who is in the process of implementing a marketing automation system. Their marketing director told me the other day that they used our Lead Capture® feature at a big show they sponsored earlier in the month. The app worked great. They got lots of leads. The problem is the leads are still sitting in a spreadsheet somewhere. No one has followed up on them!

Understandably, she was very frustrated. I don’t blame her. We then talked about a solution. By integrating our platform with their marketing automation system, their trade show leads would automatically move into a lead nurturing workflow as they are generated. Attendees would be nurtured while the show was still going on! Reports and analytics on the show would be sent to sales with buyer engagement indicators. Sales reps would follow up with properly nurtured leads, not people who might not remember stopping by their booth at the show weeks ago. Big difference.

I hope this post helped and gave you some ideas on how to use marketing automation as a strategic support tool for sales. If you are having similar issues with follow-up, please give us a call. We’d love to hear your story.

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