Slang, Business, and Job Titles: How Technology is Creating New Roles in Sales and Marketing

by Robin Tinker, on Mar, 10, 2015

A few months ago, Adam covered how technology has changed sales slang. Beyond slang, it’s amazing to think about how technology has changed the organization of sales and marketing departments. For example, the role of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) couldn’t possibly exist without this recent growth of the industry. The title wouldn’t have made sense before businesses had a lot of technologies to manage.


There are quite a few job roles that have changed or created alongside the technological advances we’ve made, even in the last decade. In this post, I will address how technology has impacted sales and marketing departments, specifically in terms of job titles, roles, and responsibilities.

Technology Roles in Sales and Marketing

Marketing and technology have become so intertwined that we often forget the amount that marketers rely on technology. In fact, in 2012 Gartner predicted that by 2017, a company’s CMO would outspend the same company’s CTO on technology. A recent study by Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud affirms that prediction, stating that 79% of companies they surveyed are planning to increase their spending on digital marketing technology, which is up 13% from 2014.

The increased adoption of new technology hasn’t just impacted the purchasing power of CMOs; sales departments are also affected. This is especially true with the adoption of mobile apps by sales organizations. New technology allows salespeople to access information and update their CRM from their tablet. The Modus mobile sales solution even allows marketing and leadership to review real-time generated user analytics for the materials that salespeople show in the field. To measure client engagement and gain a better understanding of the interests of their customers at each stage of the buying process. Data can also be integrated/shared with CRM, marketing automation and content libraries.

What job descriptions and titles are responsible for implementing and managing mobile sales?

The traditional responsibilities and processes of sales and marketing departments are being challenged, and this has helped to create new roles and titles that didn’t exist before. As an example, in a recent article from TECHdotMN with the CTO of Magnet360 Eric Scheel, Sheel describes his role as a ‘marketing technologist’. That title got me thinking -- with the prevalence of technology throughout all aspects of an organization, could the term ‘technologist’ trail any other job titles?

If the term ‘marketing technologist’ applies, it seems fitting that there is room within technologically advanced organizations for a ‘sales technologist’. After seeing the improvements that new tech can offer marketers, dedicating someone within your organization to improving sales processes by way of technology seems like a natural next step. After all, with increased enterprise adoption of mobile, there is a lot more technology to keep track of for sales and marketing.

Ultimately, it’s clear that being on the cutting edge of technology is advantageous for organizations -- not just for CTOs, but for CMOs and CSOs as well. What do you think? How has your organization been affected by new technology developments? Tweet your thoughts to me at @OrrinBroberg.