Seven Innovative Ways To Land More Sales in 2014

by Orrin Broberg, on Jan, 16, 2014

If there’s one thing every business wants, it’s revenue. But, of course, generating that revenue is no easy task. Even if your advertisements land a customer, a sales pitch gone wrong can turn them off. Even if the sales pitch is solid, a bad reputation can damage your chances. Fortunately, there are ways to address all of these concerns, and make 2014 even more profitable than 2013. All you have to do is engage, build your resources, and leverage your resources.


Generate Content

A sales pitch has its benefits, but sometimes the best way to wow a customer is with a reputation that precedes itself. Building a reputation takes marketing, and content marketing engages your audience, establishes your authority, and builds a lasting presence in customer minds. Consider what expertise you bring to your field and write content that delivers value to readers, leveraging your knowledge to set it apart.

Engage LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter are handy tools for B2C marketing, but B2B businesses have to build presence in more specific channels. The advantage of LinkedIn is that it delivers the same engagement potential as conventional social networking, but with the kind of audience that your business needs. Join groups relevant to your area of knowledge and participate in conversations, letting your knowledge and interaction fuel lead generation.

Create Better Landing Pages

Sometimes landing more sales doesn’t mean revamping your strategy, but re-designing the assets you possess. If your ads are turning casual browsers into visitors, the next step is to build landing pages that lead to conversion. Focus on a simple call-to-action (CTA), featured on a page with little visual clutter, and an eye-catching headline. Present detailed information about your product or service “below the fold” (beneath the initial viewport of the page in a typical browser) so that quick converts can do so easily, and those who need convincing can do their research.

Build Your Email List

Facebook likes and Twitter followers somehow became the currency of the Internet. Despite this, e-mail contact lists remain the bread-and-butter of an effective engagement campaign. Generate contacts by offering promotional incentives for signing up, such as an eBook or free demo. This prevents your communications from getting lost in the social media shuffle by appearing directly in the subscriber’s inbox.

Adopt New Technologies

As the capabilities of technology change, so must businesses. Shirking the latest boon to sales is not only counter-productive, it’s counter-intuitive. Mobile sales solutions that allow for ubiquitous communication and resource distribution can keep your sales team on the same page, while being present where your customers need you most. Weigh the agility of your team versus the potential of going mobile, and the decision is a no-brainer.

Hold Your Own Live Events

Sometimes the best forms of branding happen in person. Holding live events can be challenging, but the benefits are manifold. In addition to the same face-to-face interaction as sending a speaker to another’s event, industry experts and potential customers will jump at the chance to network with the top minds in their field. With all of this occurring under your banner, you seize the opportunity to catapult your status and generates sales leads, authority, and, as a result, conversion.

Cross Promote

Much like speaking at industry events, combining promotional efforts can help you build your reputation synergistically. For example, a regularly sponsored column in an industry publication helps associate your brand with valuable content, appear more respected, and stay present in the minds of potential customers. This combination of reputation and presence is a valuable tool in generating leads, and landing sales.

Cold calling has its place in finding likely sales, but these innovative methods give your business an edge in a crowded market. Sales, after all, isn’t about brute force, it’s about targeted leads, enabled and converted by a sound reputation. So before you spend another dollar on hopes and dreams, consider these tips and turn your brand presence into a sales machine, starting today.

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