Remote Selling - No Problem

Remote Selling - No Problem

Modus was initially created for remote selling. Born (several years ago 😮) out of the need for offline access to sales assets on construction sites and hospital operating rooms, it easily adapts to home offices, kitchen tables, and (if you’re lucky) backyard patios. Working on the road, from home or wherever you need to conduct your business can be challenging and distracting. Your sales tools need to do it all—and make it easy in a wide variety of circumstances. Good thing we already thought of that.

Our incredible customers already know that giving sales teams a content enablement tool like Modus gives them access to their assets anywhere (but even so, it’s a good time to remind them). From right on their laptop using the web app—to mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows—access to content is streamlined across all devices. Sellers can save presentations once and have them sync across all devices so they’re always prepared—even if they're at a remote customer site.

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Present like a Pro on Video Calls

Going remote means big-screen presentations in conference rooms, or otherwise normal in-person sales conversations, are now online. Being able to present content effectively while remote is the key to continuing sales conversions and keeping buyers engaged.

Preparing an agenda ahead of time just takes a couple of clicks, and there are no extra files to pull up and keep track of. When finished, users email the entire presentation. This automatically creates a unique Digital Sales Room (DSR) where the conversation can continue via chat, and others stakeholders can be included.

Use a Digital Sales Room for Buyer Engagement

iPad Pro_Screen Shot DSR

We've put a lot of effort into making our DSRs a valuable tool for buyer engagement. Notifications indicating which email recipients are viewing the assets, and when assets are shared through Modus, delivers insightful buyer intent signals.

DSRs deliver an ongoing conversation and storage location for all information shared. It becomes a space sellers share with their prospects and customers. It's easy to find and refer back to materials and discussions when they are stored in a single, secure location. And recipients can make comments, invite others, ask the seller questions, and revisit whenever they want. With any activity inside the DSR, the seller is notified making it easier than ever to effectively follow up when the time is right.

Digital Sales Rooms are a great way to keep buyers engaged and keep the sales conversation going.

Products Come to Life with VPT

sales page - create - Hendrickson-Vpt-ipad

Bring the showroom wherever your customers may be with virtual product tours. When we're all spread out and not often in office locations use Modus to create interactive tours to keep your buyer’s attention. Using our easy tour creator built into Modus, and with the right static images you can move your buyers through a space to see what it holds, or have them spin around a product and click or tap to learn more. In addition, they can view product videos and other assets.

With over a quarter of the US workforce working remotely, sales processes are going even more digital. Having interactive tours as tools for your sellers is already an important initiative for many manufacturers in 2023.

Virtual Onboarding & Internal Info

Modus Platform on iPad

As most teams are remote and may not be physically in the same location as headquarters, it's critical that your teams get up to speed fast and have a centralized location for internal information they may need.

Our company recently created our own internal instance of Modus, and our teams were awed and inspired by the presentation, findability, and ease of use. Having everything an employee would need in a single, highly organized location saves time across all departments (think HR, onboarding, training, and more).

Analytics that Tell a Story

Remote workforces impose unique challenges in feedback and communication. Getting valuable insight into the engagement of your sales team and the performance of your marketing content is more important than ever.

Detailed analytics of content performance and user engagement are available in a variety of formats within Modus—so you can monitor what’s working in this challenging sales environment. Watching how a successful rep uses your content can tell a great story to others in newsletters, or other coaching or collaborative scenario, to keep teams inspired and engaged.

Gather Key Feedback

Interested in knowing what your sales team thinks about the work you’ve done to support them? Or maybe they need a question answered? Create a simple Adobe Fillable form asking about anything—new product launch assets, app organization tips, or even specific tactics that are working for sellers in the moment.

It’s all built in. You specify the email address the form is sent to, and an icon can be added to the bottom menu with any text you choose. The feedback loop is important. What would you ask all of your sellers right now knowing you can easily get quick responses?

The Right Message at the Right Time

Send push notifications, text messages, and emails to any segment of Modus users. Do your reps need an update on an elective surgery policy that none of the other reps need? Is there new crucial information for those parts that go into the manufacturing of PPE that people need to know now? Maybe a promotion for a certain region is active and they need details. No matter the changing situation, get that information easily in front of just the right segment of your team.

Keeping remote teams updated in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons is a universal challenge today. Busy reps don't have time to be bogged down with a complex sales tool—simple is not just better, it's a MUST. Modus will continue to be that solution for our customers now, and for whatever happens in the future. Short-term, near-term, and long-term we will continually evolve for remote selling needs based on industry needs and our customers’ feedback.


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