Presentación App Unveiled at QNET's VCON 15 Malaysia Conference

by Adam Luckeroth, on Jun, 18, 2015

In partnership with QNET, Modus developed the Presentación app, an essential resource for QNET’s direct marketing independent representatives. QNET launched their newly created app at the VCON 15 Malaysia Conference in Penang. I was honored to be present, providing direct support to an enthusiastic audience of Independent Representatives (IRs) eager to utilize the new resources available through this partnership and the launch of Presentación. An overview of the event, the app itself and findings as they relate to QNET will help underscore the potential for Modus within the area of network and direct marketing.


What is Presentación?

Presentación is a highly customized version of our app created for QNET that delivers messages in high-definition and can be used in areas without Wi-Fi access. The Presentación app gives users access to the most recent QNET marketing materials. This is essential to IRs in a global marketplace communicating with prospects all over the world, in various time zones and in areas that may have poor or limited internet access.

Intended Functionality of Presentación for QNET IRs

IRs will have the ability to show materials including high definition presentations, videos, images, and documents. They can work on or offline without breaks in conversation or needing to switch applications. The app automatically syncs and can be used in conjunction with other applications. They may also tag the contents that are specific to their target audience and follow-up with interested parties in multiple languages. The Presentación app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

A 5 Day Record Breaking Event

May 14th marked the first day of VCON 15 at SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Conference & Exhibition Centre) in Penang, Malaysia. 14,500 QNET distributors from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa attended. This marked a new record with the largest number of participants for QNET thus far.


Lim Guan Eng, Penang Chief Minister, opened the event with the colorful pageantry of a parade celebrating the rich and varied traditions and cultures found throughout the world. The event was hosted to unveil the latest lifestyle and wellness products emerging from QNET.

On May 16th, the bar was raised when 1,000 QNET independent representatives (IRs) received Gold Star pins during an award ceremony recognizing the Game Changers joining the Achiever’s Club. The level of IR success has reached unprecedented heights this year.

The following day, Trevor Kuna, QNET Chief Marketing Officer, led the recognition ceremony honoring Platinum Stars, Mohanad Qais and Andre Abouzeid. Founder Joseph Bismark, The V Chief Pathman Senathirajah, QNET Managing Director JR Mayer, and Chief Network Success Officer Malou Caluza showed their gratitude towards the hard work of the Platinum Stars.

Enthusiastic attendees listened to and participated in speeches, presentations and events within the arena and exhibitions of all QNET products in the concourse area. IRs had the opportunity to interact with showcased products and receive personal assistance. They tested the latest products and tried out the consumables. Many items were immediately available for purchase at the Click & Carry station. For our part during the event, it was important to be on hand at the Modus booth to speak directly with the IRs about Presentación and demonstrate strong support for the QNET launch.

How Presentación worked for IRs at VCON 15

Reps provided demonstrations of the Presentación app with other IT products at the booth.


IRs were keen to take advantage of QNET’s 30-day free trial of the app for all attendees. Presentación will be an essential purchase for IRs as it contains all of the product literature for new products and materials for recruitment of new IRs. Hands-on support at the booth helped IRs with the initial download of and log in to Presentación.

Reflections on the QNET Audience & Support Services

I found that QNET has a loyal and passionate direct marketing audience. Their IRs are personally invested in the growth and success of the company. IRs come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and make for an engaged and broad base of direct marketers.

The QNET staff is dedicated to providing ongoing professional support to IRs and is committed to delivering quality products and services. The QNET customer support team has a local office in Kuala Lumpur. Matin and Alwin were friendly knowledgeable customer service team members that are testaments to the quality of support found at QNET.

Great Potential in the Direct Marketing Segment

IRs need convenient and instantaneous access to necessary materials wherever they may be located. Apps facilitate this with both upline and downline functionality. The Modus app makes it easier and less time consuming for team leaders. They can quickly upload materials and make updates into one source rather than managing and responding to individual queries. IRs have one place to find materials and updates at any time.


An app such as Presentación addresses the problem of lag time within communications and the effort necessary to respond appropriately to email inquiries. This becomes especially important in areas with poor WIFI availability. IR emails can result in a longer response time from direct marketing leaders that can impact on the recruitment results and conversion of prospects within such companies as QNET.

Modus analytics have additional benefits including:

  • Showing leaders engagement levels of IRs.
  • Statistical breakdowns on the use of specific content and materials
  • Providing headquarters with a clear picture of overall market demand and engagement.

Such data is essential for the development of training modules for new and ongoing IRs, motivational efforts offered from team leaders and the creation of reasonable targets and projections based on real-time data. Headquarters can use big picture data generated by Modus analytics to develop ways to improve areas of low demand and see the results from marketing campaigns as delivered by their IRs.

Direct marketing is an essential distribution method for those with limited access to retail opportunities within their country. Modus can have a significant impact on this segment and become a necessity for the creation of tailored apps that can deliver key information in developing countries with limited infrastructure and resources.

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