Our New Company Rebranding: What I Learned Along The Way

Our New Company Rebranding: What I Learned Along The Way

I have a confession to make, it’s something you probably already know. Communicating your brand to customers is hard. Having your salespeople communicate your brand differences to prospective customers is even harder. Today, we are launching a new website with entirely new company branding and product positioning. It was a four-month journey and I thought I would share with you what I learned along the way.


1) Always Take the Customer’s Point of View. This may sound simple but it isn’t because everyone within your company has an opinion of what the direction should be. In the end, the only thing that truly matters is the outcome you provide to your clients.

2) Research and Get Opinions from Outsiders. One of the smartest things we did was study how our clients are using our products. We also investigated other technology companies, and brought in outside expertise to help shape our direction. Even if a company is already really good at marketing, taking a step back to objectively analyze your position in a dynamic market is important.

3) Drive, Drive, Drive. A company rebranding and product repositioning project is complex. So complex that it could have easily stalled. That’s why strong leadership that drives the project to completion is essential to keep tasks on track, and hold all parties accountable.

Now, let me tell you about our new brand...

Our new brand reflects who we are and why we’re here…To help global manufacturers create more compelling customer conversations and close more business.

The Back Story.

We came into existence because a handful of marketers, who worked for medical device manufacturers with complex global sales challenges, needed sales enablement technology. They wanted tools designed specifically to help them organize, deploy, and track rich media to sell more. They couldn’t find what they needed until we developed it.

If you work in any kind of manufacturing, you can probably feel their pain. Manufacturing is often an afterthought for sales enablement technology companies, but not for us. You’re our raison d’etre.

We were so intensely focused on developing technology to help our customers market themselves that we treated our own marketing as an afterthought. Regardless, the number of sales professionals who depend on us exploded. Today, more than 70,000 people use our sales enablement technology to conduct 250,000 critical customer conversations every day for Philips, Caterpillar, Medtronic, Navistar and many others like them.

We’re getting rave reviews on top of it. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was presenting at a leading manufacturing company’s digital marketing meeting when, in front of an audience of their marketing leaders from across the globe, the CFO, who was also attending, announced:

“Pound for pound, Orrin, your tool is the best return on investment we’ve ever made.”

Here’s the rub: until recently, this same client, and others like them, weren’t aware of the scope of our services. That was our fault because we had disparate identities for the products we’ve created over the years, and we did a poor job of communicating how they could work together.

So, in a little more than three months, we’ve rebranded everything about our company.

Capture. Communicate. Create. Compare.

Today we are Modus – MObile Digital User Solutions. We help manufacturing and service companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, and compare collateral effectiveness so they can close more business.

This mission reflects our product categories:

  • Modus Communicate, formerly App Data Room, is an enterprise mobile sales enablement application that engages customers with your dynamic content. Upload your best materials and give your salespeople worldwide access on their mobile devices. Use Modus Communicate to:
    • Protect and enhance your company’s brand. This app can be set up to fully reflect it.
    • Give your sales professionals the specific content they need to close more deals.
    • Easily access media usage analytics and customer engagement via Modus Compare.
    • Onboard new hires faster while supporting the performance of experienced professionals with connections to your learning management system.
    • Provide offline calculators, quoting tools, and much more.
  • Modus Create, formerly MX Studio, easily replaces PDFs, brochures, videos and the like with interactive, digital, and 360º content that you can build quickly without knowing how to code. Deploy it to any device or website to:
    • Create stronger customer engagement.
    • Pinpoint the information that engages each customer for more effective follow-up.
  • Modus Capture, formerly Lead Capture, maximizes tradeshow ROI by using smartphones or tablets to instantly capture, qualify, and route trade show leads. They’ll be placed in a lead-nurture stream the moment you engage with them at your booth – when they’re most interested in your product – instead of a week or a month later when your conversation is long forgotten.
  • Modus Compare provides content and usage data to show you the marketing collateral that’s most popular among salespeople, distributors and dealers helping you make informed content investments. We also provide enhanced channel management analytics for dealer and distributor networks.
  • The Modus Way. Finally, I need to say that our commitment to our client’s complete satisfaction has never been stronger. As we have grown we have maintained our company culture of responsive relationships and innovative solutions with our customers. We call this The Modus Way and it will always be our way of doing business.

With our new branding, it’s easier for you to make the most of digital technology you can’t find anywhere else. We’re now equipped to give you a more thorough understanding of tools which will accelerate sales during that last critical mile of a global supply chain when, too often, opportunity comes to a grinding halt.

Count on us to make sure that never happens to you.

Want to find out more? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and check out our new website.


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