Modus Strengthens Leadership Team with Sales Performance Leaders

Modus Strengthens Leadership Team with Sales Performance Leaders

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In the last two weeks, Modus has announced the appointment of two new members of our Senior Leadership Team, Jeremy Schultz and David Kriss. Schultz joins Modus as President and COO, and Kriss comes on board as Head of Customer Experience.

Both gentlemen have the experience and background in sales performance, and technology solutions, to help bring us to the next stage of our growth. Schultz will bring new vigor to our commercial engine and Kriss will ensure that our commitment to our customers is the focal point of everything we do,” said Orrin Broberg, CEO and co-founder.

Jeremy Schultz - President and COO of ModusSchultz brings 25 years of operational leadership and advisory experience at enterprise companies, and has deep expertise with the purchase, implementation, and life cycle of sales productivity software. Schultz is a seasoned Revenue Operations practitioner and an accomplished B2B SaaS executive. Prior to his role at Modus, Schultz held leadership positions at, SAVO, Office Max, Dex Media and Concerts for Cancer.  

Over the past 25 years I’ve worked with and for some of the world's leading sales productivity solution providers,” said Schultz. “I’ve had the great pleasure of advising over a thousand organizations as they implement tools and processes that support their sales enablement and revenue operations goals.  

While many of those organizations invested heavily in complex, feature-rich toolsets that could support nearly any business process, those that took a more acute approach focusing on end user experience and adoption are the ones that had the highest success rate in achieving their desired results. As I explored the next step in my career, it was important to me that I join an organization that delivers solutions built with usability and end user adoption in mind. The Modus solutions do just that.

As I learned more about Modus’ core values and our customers’ use cases, I quickly recognized that Dave is a perfect fit. Dave’s experience is balanced between his breadth of operational experience in sales technology and depth of building success programs for enterprise sales and marketing organizations. Dave brings continuity and operational excellence to Modus that complements our commercial engine resulting in inspired, successful customers." 

The Modus mission is the relentless pursuit of meaningful engagements between sellers and buyers. The digital solution it provides ensures sellers have the knowledge, competency, and rich multimedia to engage confidently with a customer, as well as the empirical data that provides proof of deal quality and advancement. Personalizing that technical capability with each unique customer situation is the proven Modus success formula whether you are a direct or indirect seller. Expanding this ability is a key strategy for Modus' continued growth.

David Kriss - Head of Customer Experience at ModusDavid Kriss brings over 20 years of experience in value-based customer engagement—and has a unique ability to orchestrate sales, marketing, and operations organizations to mutual and measured success. Prior to his role at Modus, Dave held leadership positions at Seismic, SAVO and Verizon, as well operating his own sales enablement advisory practice.

In today's world, it's hard to ignore the forceable changes digital transformation is having on the commercial engine of every enterprise," said Kriss. "Enterprise buyers must have a meaningful, value-based experience when they are looking to solve a business problem with technology.

As my entire career has been in service of connecting customer need with technology solution, I was seeking a company that had the technology, team, and leadership to make customer experience a core part of their mission. Modus is certainly that company and I can't be more excited about being a part of their growth going forward."

Please join us in welcoming Jeremy Schultz and David Kriss to Modus!


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