Modus Sponsors Sales Enablement Track at Content Marketing World

Modus Sponsors Sales Enablement Track at Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World Campaign

This is the 10th year of Content Marketing World and its theme of Break the Rules fits nicely with our focus and mission to rethink sales enablement to help our customers get sales done.

Let’s start with the Good Stuff: Giveaways!

Visit our booth, attend a Q&A, chat with a rep, or download content and be entered to win:

Tuesday: Your choice of Apple Air Pods or Pixel Buds – 2 winners

Wednesday: A Google Nest System

Thursday: A six-month subscription to Saloon Box (Because by now we’ll all need cocktails)

Modus Booth Schedule: Ask Me Anything Speaker Sessions

Here’s the summary schedule. Learn more about each speaker and their sessions below.

  • 3:30PM EST – Nick Adams | See a demo of Virtual Experience
  • 9:30AM EST – Bernie Borges
  • 2:30PM EST – Viveka von Rosen
  • 3:00 PM EST – Peter Stadlinger
  • 9:00AM EST – Tim Riesterer
  • 3:30PM EST – Ardath Albee

Sales Enablement Track at CMW:

As sponsors of the Sales Enablement Track, we’re looking forward to these five sessions which all become available on demand at 4PM EST on Tuesday, October 13th:

Account Expansion: The Conversations, Content & Collaboration that Grow Customers

Join me and Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, to  understand the new buying psychology your reps can apply to grow accou nts with account expansion conversations and how this conversation differs from why buy and why stay conversations.

Tim Reisterer

In the Modus Booth: Tim joins me on Thursday at 9AM EST for a Q&A session so you can ask us any burning questions you have from the session and see what your colleagues want to know. We’re also giving away 15 of his book, The Expansion Sale, so make sure to put this event on your schedule!

How to Develop an Account Based Podcasting Content Plan that Drives Revenue
Podcasting is the latest channel to take off in B2B. Bernie Borges, Chief Customer Officer at Vengresso, takes a unique approach to podcasting that results in building brand reputation, trust, and pipeline. Bernie shows you how to build an Account Based Podcasting content strategy to create conversations with your most ideal prospects and clients that can lead to sales pipeline opportunities.

Bernie Borges

In the Modus Booth: Bernie joins me on Wednesday at 9:30AM EST for a Q&A about anything you want to clarify about how to use podcasting to create compelling conversations with your buyers that lead to revenue opportunities. With a universal need for conversations at every stage of the buying process, you’ll want to add this strategy to your revenue process.

Why Your B2B Sales Force Should Be Your Greatest Content Distribution Channel

You may know of Viveka von Rosen as @LinkedInExpert – but she’s also the Chief Visibility Officer at Vengresso. I’ve been a fan for years! She’s an expert in social selling and her session applies the best of her expertise to show you how to get buy-in from sales leaders for social marketing campaigns, how to arm reps with the right information for daily outreach with their networks and how to use the content you already have to best advantage.

Viveka von Rosen

In the Modus Booth: Viveka joins me in a CMW hosted discussion on Wednesday at 2:30PM EST for a special AMA (Ask Me Anything) session so you can find out what else you want to know about getting your sales reps to become your best content distributors. Get your social selling questions ready!

Take a Sales Enablement Approach to RevOps
Join me to learn why the importance of customer experience means we need to focus on the entirety of the customer continuum to create a process for repeatable revenue—whether net new business, renewal, or expansion. RevOps will help you orchestrate sustainable growth and competitive advantage and sales enablement provides a great foundation to manage this change.

Ardath Albee_web

In the Modus Booth: Join me, Ardath Albee, for an ask me anything session on Wednesday at 3:30PM EST to get any questions answered you have about RevOps or sales content strategy or about my workshop, Use Serial Storytelling to Drive Demand for Complex Sales. I’m looking forward to seeing you and missing that I won’t see you in person this year.

Sales Enablement in an AI-First World

Peter Stadlinger

Peter Stadlinger is the Head of Product for Freshworks CRM. His background as the product leader for Einstein at Salesforce and Experience Cloud at Adobe make him eminently qualified to help you learn about the critical role of a customer data platform and using AI and machine learning for providing sales enablement at scale.

In the Modus Booth: Peter joins me for a Q&A on Wednesday at 3PM EST to answer any questions you have about scaling sales enablement using AI and machine learning. Now's the time to solidify the value of a customer data platform. Please join us!

Stop by the Modus Booth and See Us!


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