Modus Engagement Summit 2017 Recap

by Stephanie Ussatis, on Aug, 25, 2017

Earlier this week customers from around the country descended on Minneapolis for our inaugural Modus Engagement Summit. We kicked off the conference on Monday evening the way that any proper event begins, with sushi, cocktails, and networking. This post will cover highlights from the incredible Modus Engagement Summit 2017.


Held at the beautiful McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota Campus, for the first time in Modus history, we invited our customers to meet, collaborate, and exchange insights on industry trends and their experiences with Modus products. The event space buzzed with excitement as we reached full capacity with attendees from companies spanning a variety of industries including Medical Device, Financial, and Manufacturing, to name a few.

Alice Heiman, a nationally recognized sales coach, along with several industry leaders and members of the Modus leadership team led attendees in conversation and activities that sparked inspiration and creativity.

A New Model for Customer Engagement

Modus President and CEO, Orrin Broberg, took the stage to share the history of Modus. He highlighted the growth we’ve faced, both in terms of numerical growth and the evolving needs of our customers, such as personalization, workflow improvements, the importance of an integrated software stack, lead nurturing, and how our sales enablement platform enables these strategies to work together to provide a better, more cohesive customer experience.

Know What Works and Make It Great

Next up, Karine Watne of Toro got the audience thinking about the current state of tracking sales & marketing metrics and ways that these can be improved in organizations. Karine shared how she was able to maximize marketing ROI by using Modus analytics to see what was content is being used and sent out most frequently. These insights allowed Toro to make better decisions about where to focus time and attention on content that resonates with the customer.

Simple = Good

Following the break, a lively panel discussion began with Kristin Knox of DSI, Mark Thornton of BI Worldwide, and Hailey Biagini of Optum. The trio took turns answering questions about implementation, user adoption, and how their teams effectively use Modus. All three highlighted the importance of simplicity when setting up and providing tools to a diverse group of users.

Do Something FOR Your Sales Team Not TO Your Sales Team

During his session, Adam Luckeroth, VP of Sales at Modus, shared his report from the field on some of the common pain points that enterprise sales and marketing teams are experiencing when it comes to content, communications, and the sales process. When referencing the tendency of marketing teams to invest in tools to solve particular challenges, he stressed the positive feedback that we've received from customers of how Modus is something that's done for the sales teams to make their lives easier and more effective, not something that's "just another tool."

Growing Global

After lunch, Eric Wells of Medtronic took the stage to explain the vitality of Modus in his role at Heartware and how it carried over after their acquisition by Medtronic. He shared the needs that his team had including quick set-up, native storage, revision control, and follow-up. These were critical areas that affected the global success with their international team.

Ditch the Pitch

Throughout the day, Alice Heiman kept the audience energized and engaged and her keynote presentation was no different. During this session, Alice challenged the audience and gave examples of how to deliver a dynamic presentation based on customer needs and feedback versus a linear sales pitch. To illustrate, she asked the audience how they liked to be sold to, answers varied, but none included a (surprise!) "sales pitch". Prospects would rather be sold through conversation than through a dull, non-personal, detail-heavy pitch.

Iterate and Integrate

Caterpillar's Kevin Espinosa shared how digital is reshaping the competitive landscape and how they remain an industry leader by solving their customers' most pressing business issues through powerful digital technology. He explained that multiple, fragmented customer experiences have become more commonplace and how this reality is detrimental to business. Kevin detailed how he helped the Cat Virtual Showroom grow to a larger scale and how his team is constantly “iterating” and “taking small steps to get to the bigger picture,” a vision of a fully integrated digital marketing ecosystem where the customer experience is seamless.

Product Innovation

Scott Olson, CTO, Modus, captured the attention of a packed room as he unveiled several exciting innovations from Modus including:

1. Kiosk

The new Modus kiosk is a powerful tool that allows customers to create interactive user experiences easily for trade shows, retail, or display in other physical locations. Users always have access to the most current content and can print or email directly to themselves.

2. MX Studio

This next generation media authoring tool is a groundbreaking platform for creating digital-first interactive content, with zero coding skills required.

3. Presentation Builder

In-app content personalization that gives users the ability to create custom slides directly from within their app.

4. Modus on the Salesforce App Exchange

By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Platform, Modus provides customers with an exciting new way to save time for sales teams. 

During his keynote, Scott emphasized his dedication and excitement to deliver these and future innovations for our customers.

The Modus Awards

After a fireside chat style Q&A with the Modus executive team, the first annual Modus Awards were presented for three categories (congrats winners!):

  • Creator, awarded to the company with the most beautiful content went to Optum.
  • The Integrator award won by Avella for their best-in-class use of integrations and streamlined business processes. (full story here)
  • The Innovator award went to Caterpillar for their innovative industry use-case. 

And finally, in what has become somewhat of a Modus tradition, the summit closed with a celebration at Minnesota's premier brewery, Surly Brewing.

A giant thank you goes to our customers, our speakers, our sponsors Oracle, and Alice Heiman. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we've received from our first ever conference and excited for what’s in store at next year’s Modus Engagement Summit! Be sure to go here for registration details.


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