Create - A New, Easy Way for Interactive Content

by Stephanie Ussatis, on Sep, 26, 2017

Modus, continues its commitment to driving innovation through digital technology solutions with the launch of its latest product, Create, a next-generation interactive content offering. Create requires zero computer coding skills and allows teams to create rich, interactive content experiences without the need for outside agencies or software installation.



Saves you money: Create rich, interactive content projects in-house, rather than relying on developers or outside agencies.
Enhances your content: Move beyond static PDFs and spec sheets. Instead, create stunning content experiences with interactive media such as 360-degree spin sets and product tours.
Augments your technical abilities: No computer coding skills are needed to create and edit content, then deploy across multiple devices and/or websites.
Quickly syncs changes and updates: With the touch of one button, easily update content everywhere it exists, rather than manually updating each individual file.
Measures customer interactions: All customer interactions are tracked and reported to clearly measure effectiveness.

“We listened to our customers who expressed the need to create digital-first content without investing in expensive external resources to do so,” said Orrin Broberg, Modus President & CEO. “Create was born out of those conversations and allows non-technical employees the ability to create stunning interactive experiences that engage audiences in a whole new way.”

Users of Create  praise the innovation and media authoring abilities to publish new content experiences across web and mobile channels. A leading manufacturer of machinery already uses Create to build virtual product tours of its equipment. Create has helped the company improve workflow and reduce time to launch new content while creating highly interactive multi-language product tours.

Create works on all devices and is available now for use as part of the Modus platform or independently.

If you'd like to learn more, we'd love to show you ways that Create can make an impact!