Mobile Empowered Sales: Why You Need It [Infographic]

by Adam Luckeroth, on Jul, 21, 2014

With all the talk circulating about whether or not it’s necessary to have a mobile empowered sales force, sometimes it’s best just to stick to the facts. So, that’s what we did! We’ve pulled together some compelling industry statistics that make a clear case for mobile empowered sales.


In our research, a few key stats stood out for us. Did you know that utilizing mobile empowered sales actually fosters improved collaboration between sales and marketing, which helps create even better success for your business? In fact, 66% of companies that reported complete alignment between sales and marketing made their revenue goals.

Even more interestingly, executives of mobile empowered sales organizations actually reported increased ROI -- 70% to be exact. Which is interesting, considering only 40% of sales people are making use of a mobile (tablet) solution.

This research illustrates the impact of mobile empowered sales, but if you’re still not convinced or if you have questions, we’re here to help. Email us or Tweet us @modusengagement.

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