Meerkat VS Periscope - 7 Powerful Ways to Use Live-Streaming for Business

by Adam Luckeroth, on Mar, 26, 2015

Live-streaming video has suddenly burst into the limelight, with Twitter making Periscope available to the public and Meerkat announcing another round of major financing led by big name investors like Greylock Partners. Both apps provide a simple way to broadcast live video from a mobile device and the race for user adoption is on to see which will come out on top.


Twitter streams are ablaze with tweet links to live video of people in traffic, sharing their current scenery and talking to the world from their bedroom office. But how can businesses capitalize on this recent popularity and use live-stream technology in ways that provide value to their clients, prospects and contacts?

The following is a list of seven ways that sales, marketing and support teams could use Meerkat, Periscope or both:

1. Impromptu Q&A sessions

Formal webinars take time and resources to plan, coordinate and execute. At times, it may make sense to broadcast and engage with an audience in real-time.

2. Live group support

Many times when a new update, product or service launches the customer support team receives an influx of support requests. Now multiple requests could be monitored and responded to in real-time with minimal resources.

3. New product features

Interactive demonstrations are possible with watchers asking questions and providing live feedback, think “could you show me how that works again?”.

4. Announcements

Company news can be shared with the internal team and the entire world simultaneously

5. Crowdsourcing

To get immediate feedback on questions, for example, “what do you think of this person, product, idea or place?”.

6. Candid insider views

Allow customers to gain a peek behind the scenes of what happens at your company and create a stronger connection.

7. To expand reach

Live-streaming can expand reach beyond just Twitter as anyone on the web can watch. Also, watchers can re-stream to their followers in real-time, meaning that your live video has the potential to go viral. This also helps to include those that don’t have or want a Twitter account and may have missed out on communications in the past.

For even more ideas, Jim Keenan at Forbes outlined several additional ways that businesses can make use of this technology in his recent article, “5 Unexpected Ways Meerkat Will Crush It For Sales And Marketing People”.

What plans do you have to use Meerkat or Periscope?

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