Marketing vs Sales: The Battle for Customers [Infographic]

by Adam Luckeroth, on Jun, 2, 2015

Some people – who don't work in marketing or sales – consider marketing and sales to be, "pretty much the same thing." While they do share the end goal of of getting more people to buy more of whatever is offered, they're not the same thing (read "NOT EVEN CLOSE"). When you look at things like specific team objectives and responsibilities you'll develop a better understanding of the two different branches of a business.


In fact, sales and marketing teams worldwide have been at odds since the dawn of time and the battle has yet to be settled... until now!

We pit marketing vs sales in an Infographic showing the breakdown of how each of these teams measure their success and how it relates to the bigger picture.

Sales and marketing teams shouldn't battle. See how we help them work together.
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Topics:Sales & Marketing