Leveraging Mobile Apps for Medical Device Start-ups

by Adam Luckeroth, on Mar, 23, 2016

Medical device organizations have many moving parts -- literally and figuratively. Important information needed by salespeople is often scattered on desks, in drawers, closets, the marketing department, on thumb drives and various file storage sites. This lack of centralized organization and control prevents sales from providing relevant information to stakeholders and costs them valuable time and money with prospects and clients. That's where we come in.


We work with many medical device companies, from start-ups to well-known global organizations such as Hill-Rom. Hill-Rom struggled with common frustrations regarding brand consistency, forgotten and unheard of new content among existing materials, as well as a lack of organization and alignment between sales and marketing teams. With the implementation of our mobile sales app, they are able to keep branded company content organized, accessible and up-to-date to ensure that stakeholders only see the most current documents and information with just the swipe of a finger.

Similarly, what many of our start-up clients have discovered is that a mobile sales app has several use cases beyond organizing and deploying content to salespeople. A mobile sales app may be the best way to communicate with the major stakeholders in their business including investors, clinicians, clinical trial administrators, doctors, and rep organizations. By having the right mobile solution, these start-up companies are saving time and money in building their brand and growing sales.

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Our clients can address the unique information needs of each stakeholder by educating them about how certain products and services uniquely meet their particular needs. One document or media file can be seen by the appropriate audience while keeping information for other audiences at hand but not at the forefront.

Investors are kept appraised of how the business is growing. Clinical trials are kept current with all the relevant product developments. Doctors have the latest product information for their patients including videos. Sales rep groups have the most recent sales materials and can be alerted to new product launches, ready to present with the supporting collateral, no matter if they've been away from the office for weeks or what mobile device they are using. And, of course, the growing sales organization of the medical device company has a valuable tool for presentations, education, and onboarding. As in the case of Hill-Rom, this eliminated the need for the sales team to learn a new, complex system.


Tracking and reviewing data is essential for knowing what messages to address to different types of prospects. As reported by Aberdeen in, Content Marketing Tech 2015: Optimization with Marketing Automation, “Best-in-Class organizations outpace competitors by 165% in tracking content consumption data.”

Any start-up organization has to watch spending. Knowing what materials prospects and clients are looking at can tell you what they care about, and you can use that information to clarify your focus. The usage analytics from our app show data indicating which marketing materials work and, thus, where marketing dollars should be spent.

All types of industries can learn from what medical device companies have done to leverage the Modus mobile sales app. The real value comes from the overall combination of direct savings over printing, tactical presentation advantage for sales, communications with key stakeholders, capturing leads at conferences and trade shows, integrations with CRM and marketing automation, and the analytics for marketing insight.

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