How Leading Manufacturer Delivers the Right Content at the Right Time – Online and Off [Webinar Recap]

by Orrin Broberg, on Jun, 4, 2018

Manufacturers today are facing unprecedented challenges as customers access content through multiple channels – online and off. 


This may ring especially true if you’re a marketer at a company like Graco, Caterpillar, or Toro where there are long, consultative, complex sale cycles. Their marketing leaders were asking themselves:

  • How can I efficiently, effectively deliver content?
  • How can I provide that content as quickly as sales teams and prospects want it?
  • How can I provide a consistent customer experience?
  • How can I only invest in content that moves the needle?
  • How can I achieve all this across diverse, global sales channels?

Discover how they answered these questions and more in the latest Modus webinar, Digital Marketing Transformation for Manufacturers. Click here to watch a free replay. In this half-hour rebroadcast, you’ll get an overview of how Tom Flint, Graco Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, is addressing these challenges, and how companies like Toro and Caterpillar are as well.

Here’s a brief overview of some insight you’ll receive.

Right Content, Right Place, Right Time

Graco’s vast, complex distribution network reaches across the world to an array of markets including industrial, process equipment and contractors. Yet many buyers discover Graco’s services online, so their first interaction with the company is often digital. Eventually, that conversation goes offline.  Consequently, a field sales rep could very well make a presentation where there’s no internet service – for instance, at a mining operation in South Africa.

“At the end of the day, (the prospect) ends up dealing with one of our channel partners to configure our products and close the deal,” says Flint. “So, driving that handshake and that consistency between online, offline, multi-channel, and omni-channel experiences is really important.”

They achieve this with their Graco sales book, a sales-engagement and content-management tool created by Modus. It helps Graco sales professionals access content whether they’re online or off. Their interaction helps Graco determine which content sales and distribution channels use most.

“It’s really helpful for us to drive efficiency in our content-creation process because we don’t want to spend a lot of time creating content that’s not valuable to the end user or not driving outcomes,” says Flint.

With a multitude of business units and product groups, the Graco sales book structures content so that it’s manageable and usable for sales teams across the globe.

“They don’t have to weed through more information than is relevant to them,” explains Flint. “It really allows us to get the right content at the right place at the right time.”graco-digital-playbook

“That content drives the customer experience and that experience is what helps us differentiate ourselves,” he continues. “So the Graco sales book has been a great product for us and I will have to say it’s probably been the single most-accepted tool from our sales teams. They absolutely love it.”

Future Integrations and Opportunities

Graco is now in the process of integrating their sales book, with their marketing automation and CRM systems – similar to what Caterpillar and Toro are doing now. This will help marketing and sales efficiently orchestrate their efforts by automatically triggering:

  • CRM to record a contact and/or sales activity
  • Marketing automation so prospects can automatically be put into a nurture stream the moment sales professionals interact with them at a trade show, for instance

“Immediacy is really part and parcel of customer behavior change – everyone wants everything immediately,” says Flint. “So, this will help us in the future respond quickly.”

View the webinar replay to find out how:

  • Flint made sure the sales book was adopted by sales teams worldwide.
  • Toro’s sales teams are closing more deals and presenting to prospects more effectively.
  • Caterpillar delivers 17,000 media items in multiple languages to more than 20,000 users at 186 dealerships worldwide, and more. 

Watch The Webinar On-Demand Now 

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