How to Integrate Your Tablet into Trade Shows

by Nick Adams, on Dec, 16, 2014

The use of tablets and mobile devices in trade show exhibits is on the rise – and with good reason. Tablets are a portable product showcase, with 360-degree product views, animations and demonstrations in a digital format--making one-on-one encounters at the booth much more interactive. With mobile presentation tools, like Modus, trade show attendees can instantly and electronically receive materials aligned with their unique interests, avoiding being overwhelmed with physical materials and often delayed email. Not only do tablets help keep the attention of prospects, but iPads make it easier than ever to collect leads and manage your trade show materials digitally, simplifying the lives of your salespeople and saving on shipping and receiving.


Wondering how a mobile sales app can improve your next trade show? Here are a few of the key benefits:

Instant data collection. With tablets outfitted for trade show duty, you have the ability to access an entire library of marketing materials such as brochures, promotions, product sheets, photos, videos and more. Information can be shared with prospects from within the app. Then, using analytics, you can determine which materials work better at which shows and make changes accordingly. Using a tablet, along with an app with a lead capture feature, allows you to instantly collect data from prospects by scanning their badge or simply entering their information. If you’re using a mobile sales app like Modus, that information is available to your marketing or sales staff on the show floor. They can present information, tag items of interest and immediately email those materials directly from the app. This avoids the dreaded post-trade show follow up routine. You’ll be able to keep track of how many leads have been captured, the types of products that are of interest, and which salespeople are having the most interactions. That kind of information is extremely valuable and has been tough to measure in the past.

Immediate follow up. By collecting the data for a potential lead and immediately following-up with relevant sales materials, you’ve eliminated lag time between conversation and follow up and delivered information while you’re  fresh in their mind. Let’s face it, with every day -- every hour -- that passes, and every additional product seen, the level of interest has the potential to fade. It’s important to capitalize on the opportunity to engage while it’s at its strongest.

Personalization. Personalization is not only expected by today’s consumer, but it’s beneficial on both sides of the equation. Surveying prospective customers while they’re interacting with your product is a simple and reliable way to understand where they are in the buying process, what factors and features are most important to them, and what they need to move forward. Plus, the data collected can be used to inform future marketing strategies and more effectively nurture the relationship between your company and prospective customers. That way, content can be selected based on the specific needs of the attendee, which enables them to be more engaged with your brand because the content is customized for their needs and interests.

Showcase your offerings. With Modus you now have the ability to deploy specialized tools that showcase your product. Many clients deploy easy to build HTML5 web bundle presentations designed specifically for a trade show setting. Expecting someone to stand in one spot and read all about what your product has to offer or watch a large screen video that’s hard to hear and already in progress is naive in today’s digital-first world. In order for a prospect to engage with your product on a level that will influence their buying decisions, your product needs to stand out and ultimately connect with them.

Demonstrate new products. As mentioned above, it’s much easier to learn how a new product works by visually engaging with it. This helps eliminate confusion about your product or process, and lets the visitor envision how the product will benefit their day-to-day life. For example, it’s easy enough for you to say or write about how great your product is, but how will someone truly understand how it works or why it’s so great unless they have the opportunity to try it? Giving your visitors that opportunity while you are present to answer questions and provide guidance is a huge asset to your sales and lead nurturing process.

Helpful tips. Take proper precautions before making the tablet or iPad part of your next exhibit. Be sure your booth staff is trained on using the device beforehand to avoid any complications--thankfully this part is super easy. While at the show, turn off the device time lock to prevent it from entering sleep mode while showing videos. Tablets have long battery lives, but keep power strips and chargers on hand just in case. Finally, understand that you can’t rely on Wi-Fi. Thousands of trade show attendees will be accessing Wi-Fi, which can cause it to slow or even crash. Some companies rent a wireless network and router from the show, or turn a cell phone in your booth into a hotspot or add a 3G network to your devices. The best option is to use an app like Modus, where all your files live on the app and do not need Internet or wifi to be accessed.

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