HubSpot - Modus Integration [Infographic]

by Scott Olson, on Jul, 6, 2016

Data tells the story of exactly what happens with a prospect before, during and after a meeting. Since 82% of buyers want a sales person, face-to-face contact is essential in many buying situation. The connector helps to fill the void of what occurs in the sales call, augmenting HubSpot’s online data with the sales activities that occur offline for a complete picture of customer engagement.

This infographic shows how the integration strengthens sales and marketing: 


With the HubSpot - Modus integration, contacts can be automatically added to the CRM, segmented lists, and workflows to save the time it takes to enter prospect information manually and ensure that leads are not missed. Immediate, automated, and relevant follow-up provides for a greatly enhanced customer experience.

The contact record is also updated with activities from Modus, allowing for personalized lead nurturing and communication to specific contacts based on their level of engagement and interest.

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