How Top Sales Teams Use Mobile to Close More Deals

by Orrin Broberg, on May, 19, 2015

Marketing and sales teams have pioneered the use of mobile sales tools and are changing the sales landscape as a result. Enterprise mobility can help soothe customer pain points, therefore improving the experience throughout the entire sales funnel. The following examples illustrate ways that top sales teams are using mobile to enhance the customer journey and close more deals.


Content management

Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, has dealers all over the world and thousands of sales representatives. This presents some unique challenges when it comes to disseminating marketing and sales materials. The company needed a way to distribute up-to-date assets and information to its broad network of dealers quickly, efficiently and in a format that could be deployed worldwide on a variety of platforms and languages. Caterpillar found the solution in Modus. Modus technology allows large organizations to share content easily across a worldwide network with the click of a button.

Post-sale customer support

Mobile sales apps don’t have to be used strictly as a sales tool. For example, Burlodge, a company that provides innovative food service system technology to organizations like hospitals and schools, uses Modus for their post-sale customer support hub app called “My Burlodge”. The app provides manuals, training videos, operational data, recipes, and more right at a customer’s fingertips.

That means no digging through storage closets or file cabinets for thick and wordy manuals, and no more losing critical information. The app gives customers the power and resources to easily help themselves instead of spending time seeking out resources for help. And a better experience contributes to customer loyalty and future sales.

Quantifying ROI with KPIs

Key performance indicators are metrics that can quickly show the success or failure of important business objectives. A mobile sales platform like Modus provides built-in analytics and CRM integrations to help organizations track against goals and make data-informed decisions to move forward. Companies can gain insights into what types of materials are being used most, what content performs well in certain markets, and which does not.

Time management

Emma Snider at Hubspot reports that the average salesperson spends less than 50% of their time selling. A large chunk of time is often spent searching for and gathering information. The use of a mobile sales app drastically increases the amount of time that a salesperson can dedicate to selling because all content is in one well-organized location that can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Also, mobile sales enablement tools can reduce the length of the sales cycle. Tagging features allow sales reps to tag specific documents that a potential customer takes an interest in during a presentation. Then, the sales rep can send the information to the prospect during or immediately after the presentation in a follow-up email, rather than running back to the office to identify, locate, and send the materials.

Strong branding

Maintaining a consistent, meaningful message through branding is important for any organization. Apps like Modus allow organizations to customize for their brand and provide a professional, interactive experience for potential customers.

Cutting costs

The printing and shipping of sales materials is costly. Organizations cut selling costs by reducing or eliminating print and making content digitally available to sales reps on their app. If changes need to be made to the content, updates are instantly distributed worldwide.

Increasing job performance

Sales and marketing managers agree that digital tools can help them perform their jobs better. There is a simple explanation for this consensus. As consumers, we use mobile apps every day for entertainment, education, convenience and more. In short, apps make our personal lives easier and more enjoyable. Mobile apps can be equally -- if not more -- useful in our professional lives. At work, an effective mobile sales app helps salespeople stay organized and track the performance of sales and marketing materials. Plus they don’t have to drag a briefcase of brochures to every meeting.

Mobile sales tools like Modus allow sales reps to show instead of tell; to address common customer pain points and close more deals as a result.

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