How Top Sales Reps Can Embed Themselves in the Digital Buyer Experience

How Top Sales Reps Can Embed Themselves in the Digital Buyer Experience

You don’t need a global pandemic to prove to you that your buyer’s journey has moved almost entirely online.

Today’s buyers are typically 90% through their buying journey before they talk to anyone in sales. And for most of that journey, they are online. You’ve heard it all before: The buying experience today is now virtual and self-service, and it’s conducted online with little input from your sales team.

If you want to be part of this new virtual buying experience, you must embed yourself into the digital buyer journey. Here’s why—and more importantly, how.

Your Secret Weapon in the Virtual Buying Experience: A Digital Sales Room

A digital sales room is a microsite to help your sellers collaborate with your buyers, and vice versa. It’s your two-way street for improved sales efficiencies and better buyer engagement.

Why is it better than what you’re doing now?

For starters, because it’s not just a static hub where you upload product spec sheets and brochures. It’s a dynamic portal that encourages two-way communication, interaction, and collaboration between sellers and buyers - and even delivers buyer intent signals.

You can create digital sales rooms inside simple sales platforms. Some sales platforms offer digital sales rooms as one component of a broader suite of sales enablement tools designed to drive sales conversations, encourage buyer engagement and grow revenue.

Continue reading as we explore how digital sales rooms can help give you a leg up in your buyer’s self-service journey.

1. Collaboration

Smart sellers use digital sales rooms to collaborate with prospects. Today’s selling process is largely incremental and consultative. It involves multiple steps and interactions between sellers and buyers. Digital sales rooms help sellers drive these interactions by providing the online tools needed for effective collaboration.

Digital sales rooms act as your virtual meeting room to drive buyer engagement. They provide an immersive way for buyers to consume content, ask questions, participate in live dialogue with sellers and more.

2. Engagement

One major advantage of digital sales rooms over static content repositories is that they embed reps into the buyer journey. That’s because digital sales rooms are personalized for each buyer. They provide a space that sellers customize for each opportunity so that buyers have the ability to consume and share content with others on the buying committee.

With personalized digital sales rooms, sales reps know exactly where and when buyers engage with content. They see the sell sheets buyers read, the product videos they watch and the questions they ask. These interactions give sellers insights into buyer intent, and help them engage with buyers in meaningful ways at strategic stages throughout the buyer journey.

3. Relevance

Generic pitches don’t work with today’s buyers anymore. But you already know that. 

Today’s buyers are looking for sellers who understand their needs and offer solutions that are designed for them in particular, and not for some boilerplate buyer persona or demographic profile. Digital sales rooms supply the data that sellers need to make themselves relevant throughout the buying journey.

Digital sales rooms gather data 24/7 on:

  • Which content assets sellers are sharing with buyers.
  • Which content buyers are viewing.
  • Which content buyers are sharing with others.
  • The most common navigation paths that buyers are using on the platform.
  • The search terms buyers are using to find relevant content.

Savvy sellers analyze this data to glean strategic insights into their buyer’s behavior. This data helps reps (and their colleagues over in marketing) discover ways to improve the buyer journey and move buyers along the pipeline towards a deal marked “Won.”

Get Embedded in the Digital Experience—Or Watch Your Competitors Win Your Deals

Digital sales rooms make your sales reps more relevant and helpful to today’s buyers. They help sellers conduct better sales conversations and meet the needs of buyers sooner. Digital sales rooms embed sellers into the virtual buyer experience to make the buyer journey more collaborative and more enjoyable for buyers and sellers alike.

If you need help with virtual selling in general or digital sales rooms in particular, let’s talk. Modus offers multiple features that facilitate easy collaboration and engagement between sellers and buyers.

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