How tech is changing the way homes are bought and sold

by Scott Olson, on Jul, 1, 2016

Every so often, we come across an imaginative use case of Modus that is both flattering and curiosity-inspiring. A customer recently capitalized on our platform to showcase his home, which drew local media attention to our solution as a new technology for home sales.


Apps can speak to the expectations of modern buyers and sellers that expect real estate professionals to keep up with today’s technology. Sellers, both homeowners and realtors, are using current technologies to engage interested parties in properties. Felicia Dragone, a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway, says, “You have to stay one step ahead. This is what [buyers and sellers] expect. They want everything at their fingertips.”

There is a revolution occurring in the real estate business as it integrates mobile tech. Buying and selling a home has never been as fun or exciting and because of innovative uses for tools like Modus, it can also be made easy.

What’s New in Mobile Tech Applications for the Real Estate Industry

Like any industry, realtors join each other to network at tours and open houses. Besides viewing available homes, they are updated on their colleagues’ latest approaches in showcasing a property. Our forward-thinking customer invited brokers and potential buyers to his home and utilized the re-purposed app to show additional details and information about the home during the walk-through.

Benefiting from the extra visibility to his home through his inventive use of Modus during tours led to being featured on the cover of South Jersey Times for a piece titled "6 ways technology has changed home buying in N.J." Realtors are interested in using this app for other properties. And this is only one-way that mobile tech is changing how parties view and engage with available properties.

As highlighted in this story, buyers and sellers can:

Add tech to signage. Sales signs include more than a realtor picture and number. Look for the number on signs and promptly text it for an instant brochure with further details of the property.

Create a branded app. Buyers can refer to it to identify properties for sales in the desired area. If you are in a particular area, the app provides information on available homes.

Invest in an individual web page. The property stands alone and does not visually compete with other offerings on the same screen. Upload great photos for web pages, apps, and brochures. Remember that “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Take eye-popping imagery with drone technology. Drones offer sellers and buyers another perspective of the home and property. Professional drone operators are available to take video from around the property.

Text the change. When homeowners make a change, sellers, whether owner or agent, can text upgrades and price drops to interested parties. Anyone who viewed the home can be kept in the loop.

Collect images and video and make it easy for parties to see and contact you. Mobile apps can be used to deliver marketing materials and share presentations with fellow agents, give viewers a feel of the property with the incorporation of drone video in your branded app, and keep users updated with the latest developments and new to market properties.

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