How mobile can boost marketing and sales automation

by Orrin Broberg, on Sep, 9, 2015

To paraphrase Shrek, marketing automation is like the layers of an onion. The first layer is email marketing. The second layer is website activity tracking. The third layer is creating buyer personas and targeted workflows and lists. And this is where most discussions about marketing automation end.


Allow us to introduce another layer.

The fourth layer consists of collecting and integrating intelligence into Marketing Automation from mobile devices used in sales calls. This added layer can give you the exact topics of interest to your customers if you have the right tools.

With this information, you can match specific contacts with their sales-verified interests. You could argue this information is more meaningful than website analytics because it reflects the conversation from the sales call.

What would you rather have, a target list of people that meet a persona profile, or a database of real people with specific needs? To achieve this, all you need is to arm your sales team with a mobile presentation app that tracks content sent as follow-ups and integrates with your marketing automation system.

Contact – Based Marketing: knowing versus guessing

Contact-based marketing (CBM), when compared to Account-based marketing (ABM), can make much more sense. While ABM attempts to use automation, buyer personas and market intelligence to increase the effectiveness of B2B marketing, it misses the importance of the direct sales call and the relationship with customer contacts.

By using an advanced sales enablement platform, the follow-up email, in this case, reflects the collective understanding and output of the conversation between the salesperson and the customer. This activity (trigger) represents the needs of that contact at that point in time. Rather than mass marketing to roles similar to that contact like ABM does, CBM targets the specific need of the individual. As a marketing professional, which method would you prefer?

CRM, the customer engagement “black hole”

A mobile app that only integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce misses the advantages of using marketing automation for follow-up and lead nurturing. The fallacy of relying on sales to use CRM for customer follow-up is underscored by an annual study conducted by CSO Insights. Their survey of the top sales organizations in the world consistently reports less than 50% participation of salespeople with CRM systems.

Further, they report that less than 10% of sales leadership says CRM has any positive effect on sales.


With these facts in mind, why would anyone want to put valuable customer information only in a CRM system? Archiving conversations from a sales call into CRM is like the last scene in the movie Raiders of the Lost Arc, where the Arc is put into a vast government warehouse of boxes, never to be seen again.

How Modus's mobile solution fills this gap

Linking Modus to your Marketing Automation platform fills the sales call information void with a new and scalable data resource. If you are looking for a competitive edge, this is it.

Here's how it works:

1. Human-to-human sales call validates the specific areas of customer interest.
2. The sales person sends a follow-up email to the customer with links to information they requested.
3. The mobile app records what links are clicked on by the customer.
4. The app on the mobile device sends this information to the Modus media manager, where the actions and content are mapped to marketing automation lists or workflows.
5. The corresponding workflow follows up with the customer with pre-determined actions based on specific topic areas for lead nurturing.

The advantages of this process are:

1. It is completely scalable via sales/marketing automation.
2. Sales is not solely responsible for follow-up actions. Marketing does the follow-up.
3. Marketing gains key information on customer engagement in real time.
4. Customer follow-up is consistent, controlled, and measurable.
5. Sales call information is combined with other contact data in marketing automation for a complete engagement profile picture of that prospect or customer.

Quality and consistency in follow-up result in a more dynamic sales process that drives higher sales. This is a documented reality as shown by the CSO Insights survey. By leveraging mobile technology and Modus's advanced software, marketing automation takes the dynamic sales process to a new level.