How Investing In Mobile Can Make Your Business More Efficient and More Profitable

by Orrin Broberg, on Jan, 21, 2014

Your business could always be better. Whether you're working internally or externally, improving your day-to-day functions is an integral part of increasing your profit margin and eliminating waste. Luckily, technology evolves to fit the needs of the business community, and when it comes to fulfilling your goals of revenue and reduced overhead, mobile is the answer.


Better Communications

The telephone and fax machine of yesteryear are a thing of the past. Businesses that want to survive and, more importantly, thrive in a rapidly changing and highly agile marketplace need solutions that match the pace of innovation.

In this regard, nothing fits the bill better than mobile. Distributed data platforms and devices designed to interact with them mean that your development team, management staff, and salespeople are never too far away from one another. No longer must your organization wait for creative ideas, vital data, and important insights to trickle down through a web of bureaucracy and disconnected communications channels. Mobile consolidates all past solutions and turns them into one contiguous stream of business consciousness.

Responsive Sales

In a rapidly-evolving world, the reality of business is clear: your staff must turn on a dime because your customers are. The same fast-moving, highly mobile solutions that should be driving your efforts are currently raising your prospects' expectations, and falling short of customer standards is a recipe for missed revenue.

Instead of relying on slow-moving infrastructure that depends on routine check-ins to make product demos and client meetings happen, leverage the power of mobile to up your game. If a client has to move up lunch by an hour, you should be there. Product demos requested on the company website shouldn't take days to reach you, particularly if the window of opportunity is limited. In both instances, the connectedness of mobile allows you to respond in time, and turn a momentary lapse in scheduling into an opportunity to make a positive impression.

But communications and scheduling aren't the only benefits of mobilizing your sales force. Taking the wrong flash drive with you to a sales presentation or forgetting to ping a co-worker for the PowerPoint are both situations easily remedied by mobile solutions. Instead of relying on a faulty memory during a busy sales season, let distributed resources and ubiquitous access to sales assets be your ally when closing the deal. This high level of accountability and consistently customized performance will drive conversion in very real ways.

Streamlined Operations

Through all of these benefits, the common thread is operational efficiency. Agility, communication, distributed resources, and responsiveness all eliminate costly downtime in your sales and development operations that cut your business off from potential revenue before you've even had an opportunity to acquire it.

Mobile solutions provide a backbone for every arm of your company that will help drive down wasted time and wasted money. By turning every sales opportunity into a sales report, subsequent presentations will benefit from additional insight. By letting customers set the agenda and adjusting your pitch on the fly, your team's enthusiasm and energy can be better focused toward addressing what really matters to potential clients.

In each instance, and in every way, your business benefits from mobile. From effortless communications, to responsive sales, to more focused operations, the power of mobile lies in its ability to turn a clunky conglomeration of functioning arms into a coherent body of business. Your existing solutions may do the job, but the potential to be the best you can lies in adapting to changing technology. And when the pros vastly outweigh the minor learning curve involved, making the switch is a classic "no-brainer."

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