Efficiency is Key to Keeping Sales Going Amid Worldly Distractions

Efficiency is Key to Keeping Sales Going Amid Worldly Distractions

Efficiency is Key to Keeping Sales Going

As the winter and holiday season approach, many marketers I talk to are super busy and under pressure, and they are also tired, distracted and behind. With all of the messiness going on in the world, much of it with life-changing consequences, it can be challenging to keep supporting sales teams. Efficiency is key and since we are all remote that means digital tools have to be simple, quick and effective.

As we’ve helped our customers support their sales teams through the uncertainty that is 2020, we’ve focused on implementing key features that ensure their sales teams are working effectively and efficiently. We’ve also gotten a lot of great feedback, and added new tools, aimed at increasing efficiency, not just for sales teams, but sales leaders and content strategists, product teams, trainers, and sales hub administrators. Combining various needs into one software solution automatically increases efficiency, making it more likely that goals can still be achieved, even in this uncertain sales climate.

Better Follow up from Virtual Meetings

Once meetings went virtual, how reps follow up and communicate with buyers changed. People were more difficult to reach away from the office, and conversations stalled. Adding another digital communication channel has helped keep sales opportunities moving forward.

Earlier this year we quietly introduced the customer microsite.  This means when sellers send content from their own email address through mobile and web applications, the brochures, presentations, and spec sheets all get automatically added to a unique landing page where buyers can return to view the content, ask the seller questions, and invite other members of the team to participate.

The rep gets data on content views and alerts when the buyers have questions, so they can easily and quickly respond to interested customers.

Crucial Content Updates Can’t be Missed

For many of our customers in manufacturing, whether they make medical devices, industrial equipment, or the products that make up PPE, things have been changing quickly. Getting content updates into sellers’, and especially buyers’, hands is crucial.

We’ve helped several customers set up user segmentation in order to be able to communicate specific messages to certain groups of sellers. With the ability to sort users into different roles, and regions, and on top of that dealers or distributors, it’s a snap to group teams together for communications. From push notifications to text, email, and specific content groupings, it’s easy to get new info to sellers how they need it.

We’ve delighted a few other Sales Hub customers by reminding them that content sent from the Modus apps will automatically update when they add a new version to the back end… meaning buyers literally can’t see outdated specs or messages. And the landing page or microsite we mentioned above is included. So if something changes between the meeting and the close of the sale, the content will still be accurate and relevant.  

Modus Sales Hub administrators also got a leg up on quick content updates in 2020 via a refresh with quick actions in the back end media library, from quickly adding search tags, to updating content access for user segments, everything is more efficient.

Keeping an Eye on Buyer and Seller Activities

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.51.37 AM

Before Covid hit, even remote teams got together much more often… But now between canceled National Sales Meetings, significantly less travel, and nonexistent trade shows people are far apart and it's hard for sales managers to keep their finger on the pulse of their teams. Good thing the Modus Sales Hub includes the ability to set up managers with email subscriptions of their team’s content usage and buyer engagement. Teams can again be sorted by multiple stacking segments including dealer names or IDs.

This can also be useful for product managers or content strategists as they monitor how their new product content is being used by both sellers and buyers. Messaging can be adjusted and communications can be increased to ensure training and adoption. And seeing the data on a weekly or monthly basis gives great visibility without which it's impossible to know what kind of help or coaching the team needs to meet their goals.  

Learning and Training is Never Over

With most large events canceled this year, new product launches went fully virtual and so did the training process. This also goes for regular new rep onboarding and even training reinforcement… and efficiency is key where one app in your sales networks’ hands can do all of that.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.26.09 AM

For all of these reasons, we have seen lots of Modus Sales Hub customers implement Microlearning for a variety of purposes. From simple courses outlining product specs to full-blown technical training Microlearning puts the knowledge reps need right next to the content and buyer communication channels.

Gain Efficiency Amid Distraction

As we round out one of the most challenging years on record for B2B sales and basically life in general, being able to work efficiently is the difference between getting it done right or perhaps not at all. Everyone has a lot on their plate and redundant systems are often ignored or underutilized. At Modus, we are so happy to know that additional tools available within our Sales Hub are helping our customers solve their efficiency challenges.


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