Effective Ways to Skyrocket Sales with Mobile

by Adam Luckeroth, on Mar, 15, 2016

Mobile is a must, and top performing reps see a substantial increase in sales when utilizing mobile as a tool. Salesforce’s 2015 State of Sales study reports that top sales leaders have almost five times the likelihood of being very good or outstanding at using mobile capabilities and devices to accelerate sales.


So how are sales teams supposed to tackle mobile and use its capabilities to sell better and faster? Learn 5 exciting ways that the driven sales rep can maximize sales, shorten lead times, and begin to outperform today.

Gain access to the latest marketing materials on one app

Sirius Decisions identified the issue that more than half, in fact, 60 to 70 percent, of marketing content is not used by sales reps. Poor content organization and little understanding of mobile capabilities prevent proper preparation for conversations with prospects. Accurate info on the latest products, offers, and pricing, impact the credibility of sales reps and extend lag time as sales must refer to other departments for information that may not be easy to find on a current interface. (More about the Importance of Up-To-Date Information for Salespeople here)

It is important for sales to stay informed and have the information that prospects need to further their progress along the sales funnel. A survey released for a SiriusDecisions Summit presentation illustrated how much money and effort is going into unused content.

“We’re wasting a lot of money,” stated Marisa Kopec, VP and group director, go-to-market, at SiriusDecisions. “I’m not talking thousands; I’m not even talking millions. I’m talking tens of millions of dollars a year.”

When sales and marketing are fighting for increased budgets, money is being thrown away on materials that cannot be found or are not pertinent to the needs of sales and their prospects. Mobile can help improve communications and bring the necessary information to sales in a user-friendly organized way, but sales teams must do their part to put the app to use.

Make a better first impression

As previously noted, the first 30 seconds of any sales pitch are critical. Judgments of competency occur in mere seconds. Organized and highly visual materials need to be quickly and easily accessed. Mobile provides an optimal solution.

Also, what happens when you get that interest and prospects want to read and view materials for themselves or share them with decision-makers? A good mobile sales app allows sales reps to instantly send collateral to those that want it and help prospects that like to do research themselves learn more about offers on their own terms.

Do your homework - Know your offerings

The best mobile sales app will provide all marketing and sales documents in one single location with an easy way to navigate and locate the most recent discounts and updates on new versions, products, and applications. Information can help you lead with a value hypothesis approach that acknowledges buying process stages, customer needs, and how products can best serve them. Errors can cost a sale. Make sure that all information provided is accurate, as well as timely.

Use mobile to increase engagement and leads during trade shows

Smartphone screens have gotten bigger, but they are difficult and awkward to share with an audience. This makes tablets the go-to device for busy sales teams. Trade shows are much-hyped events with long days of intense engagement for those on the floor. With App Data Room, booth visitors can learn more about products and services with specially tailored HTML5 web bundle presentations, video, and collateral that is ready on the spot. Sales reps can:

  • Have immediate access to the right materials for their audience
  • Quickly adapt to an evolving conversation while staying on brand
  • Capture leads, add to CRM and provide relevant follow up all in one step
  • Prevent issues due to the loss of Wi-Fi connectivity

It can take mere seconds for prospects to lose interest and move on. Keep that momentum building with smooth transitions that speak to their needs.

Master mobile lead capture to form more authentic relationships

People want to know that you are having a conversation with them, not just trying to sell. Only a small fraction of customers, 13 percent, believes that sales reps understand what they need. This is an opportunity for you to do some active listening and change their perspective. Believe it or not, mobile can work to make engagement more customer-centric, but you have to do more than just grab everyone's badge for a quick scan. Should you choose to do so, the tech actually gives you more time to connect vs. manual data entry.

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So how can mobile support your efforts?

  • Collect contact information on potential leads instantly
  • Track leads, product interest and sales interaction in CRM and Marketing Automation systems
  • Follow-up immediately with the relevant sales material (30 to 50 percent of sales go to those vendors that are the first to reply) Be the first to match speed with relevance

Mobile can enhance presentations and turn conversations into usable data to move prospects faster towards conversion while still making it about them. When marketing, sales and IT are aligned, the needs of customers and prospects are met with superior competence.

Now it's your turn, share your thoughts on using mobile to make the most out of every sale. Comment below or tweet us @modusengagement.

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