Why and How to Customize Your Sales Presentations [Infographic]

by Adam Luckeroth, on Feb, 21, 2017

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, subjects had greater enjoyment and were more likely to engage with content that was customized to them as compared to standard content.


Marketing teams design content that they believe prospects want to see based on research they conduct and analytics they collect. But what happens when a sales rep wants to add a personal touch to their presentation? A rogue sales rep can be a nightmare to marketing departments that spend precious time creating content for them to use. Not only does this increase the risk of giving false or outdated information to potential clients, but it can also put your company's brand and reputation at stake.

Good sales presentations provide information on something that your prospective customer really cares about. However, the most effective sales presentations contain highly-targeted content unique to your prospect's role, responsibilities and problems they face.

Create is a tool within Modus that allows sales reps to create custom slides to personalize their sales presentations without the need of marketing approval, all while staying on brand.

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