Customers Shine at Modus Summit 2019

Customers Shine at Modus Summit 2019

Modus Summit 2019 - Microlearning Demo of the Toro myPitch App by Scott Olson

Modus Summit gathered customers and prospective customers together for the third year to discuss Modus in the market and share new and future capabilities that will bring even more value.

We had several customer panels and presentations from our customers that turned into animated peer discussions about use cases that help them get the traction they need to get sales done.

Below is a collection of insights our customers shared:

Using Modus as a Hub:

Paula Bell from Vacuworx talked about using Modus to help them grow as a company. Modus was the first technology they shared with sales reps. Over the last two years, the company also implemented Hubspot and redid their entire ERP and ordering system at the same time. They selected Hubspot for their CRM because they wanted an integration with Modus. While this level of technology modernization may seem daunting, Paula says not to think you have to do it all yourselves. “Modus has a success team second to none. It is well worth the investment in a good partner to help you along the way and keep you from getting stuck in the minutia.”

Focusing on Buyer Engagement:

David Lowater from Oticon shared that when sales reps meet with physicians, they have about 15 minutes. Before Modus it would take five minutes or more just for them to find the relevant materials to share. This left them with only a few minutes to talk with the doctors. Modus helped solve that problem by becoming what David called a “Briefcase in a device.” He says Modus has helped them transition from printed material to web bundles that can use content in different formats—not just PDFs. For David, it’s all about thinking of content creation in a new way. In his view, you have a device that can do a lot of stuff, so putting content in a PDF just feels wrong.

Keeping Up with Product Launches:

Niklas Sondell from ESAB says their two biggest strengths became their two biggest challenges. Product innovation and the number of regions they serve. With the high levels of product launches every year, it was almost impossible to reach all the regions with the content required for reps to sell them—or even know about them when content didn’t effectively reach them. Modus helps ensure content reaches all the regions in play.

Eric Wells (now on Modus staff) from Heartware (acquired by Medtronic) says that when you launch a product, you just want people to buy in volume. But you need to know what’s driving that. Modus enables the marketing team to provide the right content and information so that sales reps can open doors that weren’t open in the past.

Gaining User Adoption:

When the audience asked him about adoption, Niklas Sondell says it’s not an age thing. He has one rep who was using a projector attachment on his smartphone to share videos on the wall during meetings. What he sees working the best is the motivation transfer when sales reps see their peers using Modus. He relates it to a mentality of wanting to get ahead of the curve that drives adoption for his sales team.

Increasing Event Performance and ROI:

Jolie Anderson from Trane (Ingersoll Rand) says that Modus allows reps at events to be mobile while doing business. You can take Modus outside the booth when you go to lunch or have a speaking event and scan badges or business cards for leads or share information of interest in just a few swipes. Jolie says Modus helps her calculate the ROI on events so they’re not attending just because they’ve always gone. She analyzes which shows are getting good ROI and which aren’t giving them the leads. She says they’ve now created a standardized event process across 50 districts. All the data is centralized now so she can accurately calculate ROI.

Yvonne Lunceford from Avalara says they do a lot of smaller shows; sometimes, they don’t have badge scanners. Modus solves that problem by scanning business cards to send leads straight into Eloqua. Using the same tool at every show also changed the experience on the front-end for people working the booth because it was now the same at every show. Modus took the fear out of it for her team and lead capture has now become a clean process.

When they first started using Modus, they discovered some data issues. The majority of the 350 shows they attend each year don’t have badge scanners, so data was collected manually. They discovered that data collected hadn’t been standardized. Modus helped them standardize lead capture, so they now have really clean data and have developed processes to help them get higher quality leads. Yvonne says the ability to ask qualifying questions and record that information changes the way they have conversations at the show.

When asked how to juggle collateral and Modus in the booth, the panel recommended that they load all the show content in the app and email it directly to prospects. They can also use Cold, Warm, Hot to the leads as they have qualifying conversations—which syncs with your CRM for follow-up. This way you’ll never have a rep say, “I don’t have that information with me.”

On Implementing Modus:

Jim Skowron from Konecranes gave a presentation about how they came to use Modus to develop the sales enablement app they call CraneHub.

He says his team is very proud of the content they were developing. They were working hard to build quality customer-centric content, but it wasn’t being used to help them gain a competitive advantage. He says they don’t take being recognized as a world leader lightly. Their quandary was, what kind of an impression do you want your sales reps to provide when people think you’re the gold standard?

“People buy from people they like but only if they provide value.”
CraneHub houses everything they want to share with a customer that tells their story about how Konecranes can help them “lift” their business. They’ve organized their content into a framework they call Lifecycle Care in Real Time so that reps can easily align content with wherever the customer is in the lifecycle of their crane. It’s a visually engaging representation of their services, not just a menu and “click here” type of experience.

A What’s New button in the footer of the app alerts reps when new content comes into the app. A Search icon helps reps find whatever they’re looking for. And they have a section about Konecranes to help reps talk about their culture, vision, and more.
When the audience asked how they got sales to engage, Jim shared how they selected sales reps they thought would be good resources and had short meetings to discuss what they wanted to do and why they wanted to create the app. They rolled out a pilot with 25 users to test it and work through any issues or challenges and troubleshoot. After the pilot, they launched geographically with intimate online Skype meetings to demo and train each group. They also have a designated Konecranes rep to support the rollout. The results: 359 out of 400 sales reps are active—some of the 400 are leadership that want access but don’t use the app.

That’s a Wrap!

We want to thank all our customers who shared their stories and joined in the discussions with their peers at Summit 19 to help everyone get ideas about how to get sales done. Thank You!

Check out the full session on Microlearning presented by Scott Olson, Co-founder and CTO of Modus.

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