How To Convince Your Boss That It's Time To Go Mobile

How To Convince Your Boss That It's Time To Go Mobile

On any given day, the average American looks at their phone 344 times. 😳 Yes, that's right! So, the portability, capability, and versatility of your mobile device drives your productivity, keeps you connected, and puts powerful information at your fingertips. Any business that hasn't observed this phenomenon and implemented it within its own operations needs an update.

Facilitating that update, however, can be challenging. Businesses without mobile solutions are likely in that position due to management that does not understand the benefits. Take your company to the next level by presenting a strong case for mobile and rendering the decision a no-brainer for your boss.

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Leverage Statistics

Platitudes have their place in business, but management isn't concerned with the idealism of new technology; they want dollars and cents. Regardless of your advice, the decision and outcome, good or bad, are on their head, so it’s important to help make the decision easy for them.

Point out the familiarity and effectiveness of the platform to help ease concerns of a steep learning curve or poor results. According to Statista over 4.32 billion people access the web from their smartphone. Point out also that 68.1% of all website visits came from mobile devices vs. 28.1 from desktops in 2020. This combination is enough to convince anyone that the technology eases buyer concerns via a medium with which they’re comfortable.

Further bolster your case by pointing out the need for responsive solutions to optimize sales efficiency. 81% of emails are opened from a mobile device, which means your clients and potential clients are likely on-the-go and require flexibility from your company to help seal the deal. Bring some additional data of your own to the table by highlighting the frequency of rescheduling, missed meetings, and missed opportunities due to a lack of agility in your technology.

Demo the Technology

For some, a hands-on experience is far more potent than a verbal argument. This requires a working product demo with all the accouterments necessary to show your boss, in the flesh, just how responsive and adaptable mobile technology can be.

Talk to your vendor and request a product demonstration. Meet with your manager and let them ask the representative the questions. Bring well-established pain points to the conversation and ask your vendor to explain how those pain points are alleviated via their application. Make sure to keep the conversation about dollars and cents by estimating what kind of cost savings your team will see from improved efficiency and responsiveness.

If your boss needs further convincing, see if your vendor will provide a trial period, during which a focus group of your personnel can learn and implement the technology. Avoid a team-wide implementation, lest training and implementation slow performance and skew the numbers. Be sure to identify key metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of the application, and bring these to your manager after the trial run is complete.

Present a Case Study

If neither of these options is feasible, or if your boss is particularly stubborn, use the success of others to illuminate the clear benefits of going mobile. Examine the marketplace and find examples of businesses who made the transition in order to reinforce your case and let the results speak for themselves.

In doing so, it’s crucial to look for an organization that mirrors your operations or market as closely as possible. Differences in practice and implementation can lead to data that misrepresents the success of the platform and leaves your case with little to stand on. Find a company of comparable size and volume, observe before and after performance statistics, and present the information graphically alongside a narrative that depicts the ease of implementation and the newfound agility of taking the plunge.

Making a change is challenging for management, particularly with higher-ups and shareholders to keep happy, but making the decision easier for your boss will make life easier for you. Grab vital statistics and let the data speak for itself. Give a targeted product demo so that your manager can actually observe the effectiveness of your proposed solution. Finally, do a little research and show the before-and-after transformation enabled by going mobile. By building a strong case and keeping costs and revenue in mind, your management team can transition with confidence.

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