Constant Change: How SaaS Sales Can Keep Up with Sales Enablement

Constant Change: How SaaS Sales Can Keep Up with Sales Enablement

We don’t always get on a high horse and talk about the trials and tribulations of specific industries. But when we do, it’s because we live and breathe that industry.

We’re looking at you, SaaS sales.

And since we know SaaS sales so well—let’s face it, it’s what we do every day—we know you have minimal time. You’re probably moving at the speed of light right this very moment. So thanks for giving us a few seconds of your time.

Let’s get to it. Let’s talk about your SaaS sales process and why you need to level up.

Every effective sales conversation is a balance of questions and answers. Your SaaS sales team asks probing questions of prospects. They listen for the right answers and queues. And your prospects also ask questions—your software, your features and functionality, your implementation process, your technical support and more.

It’s simple. Your sales process depends on answers.

But when your sellers can’t answer the right questions at the right time, you’ve likely lost a hot prospect. They need answers, at their fingertips, regardless whether they’re at their desk on Zoom or they’re in the field. With or without WiFi. With information catered to the prospect, not some random feature one-sheeter that is outdated.

This means your sales materials and selling tools must be both accessible and accurate. Easier said than done, right?

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Your Accessibility & Accuracy Challenge

The key to a successful SaaS sales interaction is accessibility to materials. You know the drill: Pricing, feature brochures, case studies and more. It all needs to be stored in a central place where your sellers can access them at any time, from any location, on any device.

And your sales materials must be accurate, because the only thing worse than not having an answer to a prospect’s question is giving an out-of-date answer. Your software is in a constant state of flux. You are adding and retiring features and functionality at a rapid pace. You are tweaking your prices, proposals, brand positioning, value proposition, and other vital sales and marketing messaging.

Showing prospects product fact sheets, brochures and sell sheets that are out of date is a one-way ticket to the “Deal Closed-Lost” column in your CRM. Out-of-date materials are irrelevant, which means showing them to potential clients creates an immediate credibility problem for your sellers.

Your team isn’t made up of those schemey 1960s door-to-door salespeople. They’re selling technology—something *futuristic*—and their processes need to follow suit.

Embrace Ever-Changing SaaS Sales

A sales enablement platform for SaaS sales teams is pretty much in the’s a SaaS platform that hosts all of your selling materials in the cloud. It makes any content available to all of your reps on any device. The best platforms also let your reps access materials even when they don’t have a decent WiFi connection. This is the 21st century after all, folks.

The right sales enablement platform gives your sellers the right answers by distributing the right content—when and where they need it. The platform not only ensures that every seller has access to all of your collateral and tools, but it also ensures that everything reps present to a lead, prospect or customer is accurate and timely.

How Sales Enablement Eliminates Sales Silos (and Blunders)

A good sales enablement platform—one that your team actually wants to use and isn’t filled with overly complex features—eliminates one of the most common mistakes that sellers make.

Drumroll please...

….saving copies of your sales materials on local devices. Stored pitch deck on rep’s laptops, or price lists on their phones, the latest data sheet on their tablet, and the latest brochure in their collection or digital briefcase.

Each of these storage locations is essentially a discrete data silo. And since you are in the SaaS space, we don’t have to educate you on how data silos decrease efficiency and hinder productivity. The solution? A central repository, easily searchable, where your reps can build collections, add favorites, see what collateral is most popular and store everything your sellers need to sell.

How to Get Everyone (Literally) on the Same Page

Imagine a world where your reps actually use the content provided to them.

When you deploy a simple yet sophisticated sales enablement platform, amazing things happen. Your sellers suddenly can easily access sales materials, ROI calculators and other tools they need to engage their buyers. The result? They enter sales conversations with more confidence, knowing that they have the latest answers to their prospects’ questions.

Easy access to the latest selling tools also means seller productivity improves. Their win rates increase. Their selling competence grows. And their ability to retain and grow accounts increases.

If your goal is to win new accounts while maintaining your current ones, consolidate your sales materials and selling tools with a sales enablement platform. If those aren’t your goals, well, then you need to take a serious look in the mirror.

A Free Gift to SaaS Sales Reps

Sorry, it’s not like a $1 million cash prize gift. But it is a free whitepaper.

With B2B buyers preferring self-education via digital experiences over engagements with vendor sales reps, it’s vital that you enable your sales reps and partners to gain access to buyers for your go-to-market initiatives. Download our free ebook to learn how.

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