Commerce App Craze [Infographic]

by Orrin Broberg, on Feb, 4, 2014

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center on mobile usage, 63% of adult cell owners now use their phones to go online. That's a figure that has doubled since the organization started tracking internet usage on cell phones in 2009. In addition to this staggering statistic, it has also been reported that as of October 22nd, 2013, there were over 1 million apps available for smart phone and mobile device users to download. Since their introduction, mobile apps have been big business for individual developers, startups, and big brands across the globe. The launch of the iTunes app store in 2008 significantly changed everything from the ways we interact with each other, how we learn about news, how productive we are throughout the day, how we capture memories and important events, and more. 


In the following infographic, we're outlining the evident craze that has long existed with smartphone apps. We'll start by providing a brief history of apps and the apps marketplace. Then we'll shed light on new buying concepts in relation to apps and mobile technology. Finally, we'll present a few well-known apps and how they grew to be so popular among mobile users.

Commerce App Craze Infographic


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