CMS for Marketing & Sales: Necessity or Nuisance? [Infographic]

by Orrin Broberg, on Apr, 13, 2015

Recently, we’ve covered content management systems for marketing and sales. Specifically, how to create an effective structure, and how to implement the program itself. But why would marketing and sales want to use a CMS in the first place?


A CMS can help to alleviate many of the biggest challenges that sales and new business teams face. Managed content reduces the time an individual rep spends searching for content, ultimately giving them more time to spend selling. In fact, without a CMS, employees spend an average of 6.5 hours searching for documents. That’s nearly 8.5 weeks over the course of a year wasted on searching for materials, instead of selling.

Despite the obvious benefits of having managed content, like efficiency and employee satisfaction, there are also benefits that aren’t so obvious. Sales and marketing can work together seamlessly, have the ability to track the performance of materials and then optimize accordingly.

It’s clear that content management systems for sales and marketing are more necessity than a nuisance. If you have questions about the benefits of CMS, ideas or want help with implementation in your organization, leave us a comment below or send your thoughts on Twitter @modusengagement!

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