Broaden the Scope of Sales Enablement to Include Service

by Robin Tinker, on Nov, 20, 2019

Case Management

Sales Enablement is evolving, and especially as companies focus more on their customers, the usefulness of tools like Modus is growing as well. Our CEO, Orrin Broberg, wrote recently about the need to Rethink Sales Enablement. The term Sales Enablement tends to promote the (now) misleading notion that Sales Enablement is only for sales processes and sales results. All the marketers we work with every day know that it’s also a tool that helps them gain the insights to develop better content with higher impact, as well as to improve event ROI. But, have you ever thought about how you can use Modus to improve customer service? Some of our customers have, and with great results.

  • What if your service calls became more efficient and streamlined?
  • What if you could reduce truck rolls sent on repeat calls because service was effective the first time?
  • What if time to resolution was shorter, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Several of our customers have embarked on projects to apply Modus to case management as a mobile support app for their professional services team to help their technicians improve communications and save time.

Just like sales reps, support technicians need fast access to content and troubleshooting when they’re in the field and may not have reliable access to an internet connection. One of our customers is also extending the app to their certified dealers and distributors for use by service teams.

I’m looking forward to sharing a more in-depth customer spotlight with you soon, but for now I want to give you an overview of what capabilities one of our newer customers is creating for their service technicians, worldwide, with an integration to their service software system.

Powerful Content Search, Alerts, and Sharing

Just as your sales reps find value in using local libraries to quickly access their most-used content, so will your technicians. Because they often need to reference technical documents and manuals, being able to search large catalogs in a variety of ways, including full PDF search, is also quite useful.

Notifications via push, text, and email keep them apprised when new content is loaded so they can stay on top of product version updates and other product-related news. This means they’ll never be caught off guard when servicing a customer and always in the know even if they’re always on the road.

The ability to share certain content with customers via communication in addition to email, including SMS, and WhatsApp means they can reduce friction with customers who need instant access to troubleshooting content and user manuals, how-to videos, and reference materials.

Case Management Support Tools

Just as sales reps need sales tools, support technicians have specific needs around case management that Modus can easily provide.

Technicians can create and manage their support cases within the app while in the field. This reduces paperwork and manual entry. The data is entered once and synced with back-end systems with every update.

As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Technicians can now take a picture or shoot a video with their mobile phone and attach it to the support case. This means the support agents back in the office will have first-hand knowledge about the case should their input be needed once the technician is gone. This will serve to stop the round robin of questions repeated to the customer that can happen when the information and insight is limited to the technician that visited the job site.

And, should the input of a support agent be necessary, the app enables two-way communication between the agent and the technician that’s appended to the case record.

Support managers can view their team’s cases, no longer limited by looking at individual cases one at a time.

Take Service to a New Level with Modus

One of the reasons I love working at Modus is that we’re always looking for new ways to solve our customer’s problems. I’m looking forward to bringing you more insight about how using sales enablement for service is transforming the way our customers are doing business.

It may be time to rethink how you define sales enablement and what you can do with your Modus Hub… There’s a lot of ground to cover.

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