Beyond the Sale: Using Mobile Sales Apps for Customer Support

by Stuart Loecker, on Oct, 20, 2014

We’ve all experienced it. You buy a large appliance, like a washing machine or a new oven, and it comes with an equally large manual. That manual makes its way from the countertop, to the junk drawer and eventually into the abyss of all things lost. When the day comes that you actually need it, it’s nowhere to be found.


Mobile Helps Support Burlodge

If that scenario is frustrating for you at home, imagine what it’s like in a place with a lot of equipment, like a factory or a hospital with thousands of documents relied on by the organization and its customers.  It’s a frustrating and costly situation that one company wants to help businesses avoid.

In this blog, we talk a lot about how important mobile is to your business, especially for collaboration between marketing and sales. After all, a big part of the appeal of a mobile sales tool like Modus is that it puts all the information that your salespeople need right at their fingertips. And because the content is easily updated, the most current information is always accessible.

With the increased adoption of mobile, new ways that a mobile sales app can benefit your business are constantly evolving. As we’ve discovered, Modus doesn’t have to be used solely as a sales tool. It can be used as a go-to guide for your product or service. Imagine having all of the information about that big appliance you just bought available at a swipe of your finger. No digging through storage closets or file cabinets, and no more worries about losing critical information. That’s exactly the problem our client Burlodge solved with their “My Burlodge” app. They gave their customers the power and resources to help themselves.

Burlodge is a company that provides innovative food service system technology to organizations like hospitals and schools. Burlodge manufactures the equipment used in meal delivery, they train people on how to use it, and support it thereafter. Their business is growing and they want to always ensure they are in touch with their clientele.  First introduced to Modus at the Toronto Apple Store,  Burlodge worked in partnership with Modus to create the “My Burlodge” App, to be used on a day-to-day basis by their customers in the food service industry. The app places manuals, training videos, operational data, recipes, and more right at their customer’s fingertips. Basically, this app can be used for anything from learning about equipment to scheduling the next staff meeting.

Burlodge gives clients this app pre-loaded on an iPad. Since Modus doesn’t require a wireless connection for use, customers can take that valuable information wherever its needed; like hospital maintenance closets, kitchens stacked with metal appliances, or anywhere the wifi does not reach.

The “My Burlodge” App applies the benefits of mobile to overcome industry specific hurdles and cater to the needs of customers. Now, clients can fully realize the benefits of the product they’ve purchased in the most convenient and efficient manner possible.

Customers rallied behind the function of the app. One client said, “Our long-term care facility has outgrown its current space and is designing a new facility. We recently met with the engineers and needed specs for the new space based on current equipment offerings from Burlodge. I was able to use my iPad to forward the specs that were in the “My Burlodge” App while in the meeting and the engineers were thrilled!”

The benefits of mobile sales apps are clear -- both for sales teams, and for supporting customers post-purchase. What can a mobile sales app do for your business? Tweet us @modusengagement

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