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by Scott Olson, on Jul, 6, 2016

Data tells the story of exactly what happens with a prospect before, during and after a meeting. Since 82% of buyers want a sales person, face-to-face contact is essential in …

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by Scott Olson, on Jul, 1, 2016

Every so often, we come across an imaginative use case of Modus that is both flattering and curiosity-inspiring. A customer recently capitalized on our platform to showcase his home, which …

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by Scott Olson, on Jan, 26, 2016

You’ve probably already heard of HubSpot, you know, the inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Well, we were recently announced as a …

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by Scott Olson, on Dec, 14, 2015

The brittle code peddler won’t tell you what they are. Instead, they will offer software that appears virtually fool-proof. They will tell you, “We have the knowledge and the expertise, …

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by Scott Olson, on Nov, 30, 2015

Today at Modus, we're celebrating one of our biggest product launch days of the year. We have exciting news to share about our new admin dashboard tool, Media Manager 2 …

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by Scott Olson, on Nov, 11, 2015

Disclaimer: The following is not an attack on IT departments. It's not like IT sets out to offer a Trojan horse to their organization, and the goals of IT are …

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by Scott Olson, on Sep, 18, 2015

From the computer to the smartphone and now the smartwatch. Tech is getting smaller, but is smaller better? The concept of a smartwatch is that it allows the wearer to …

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by Scott Olson, on Aug, 26, 2015

This post belongs to our Mobile Dev Series Disclaimer: If you don’t enjoy coding and have zero interest in learning, the following might not be for you. However, the Modus tech …

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by Scott Olson, on Jul, 20, 2015

As far as Microsoft is concerned, 2015 is the Year of Windows 10, and it’s a very important year for them indeed. The new OS is scheduled to make its …

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by Scott Olson, on Mar, 3, 2015

Choosing a tablet can be difficult. Because of their rapid adoption, It’s easy to forget that they’ve only been around for the last five years. Choosing a tablet for enterprise …

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