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by Orrin Broberg, on Mar, 2, 2021

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s how critical our existing customer relationships are to our businesses. The same is true of our partner relationships. A valuable partner relationship results in …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Aug, 19, 2020

For years, field sellers have thought of themselves as road warriors. Yet at least 80% of your sales team is now selling differently. Virtually. It’s not just what they do, …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Mar, 16, 2020

Change is hard. Unexpected change is harder. In this time of disruption caused by what’s been declared a “pandemic,” it’s critical to proactively pursue business goals. Even as your priority …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Jul, 31, 2019

Change is a constant in the selling environment. Change shows up externally with customer expectations, the marketplace and the competitive landscape. Internally, change shows up with new product launches, new …

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Topics:Sales EnablementRethink Sales Enablement

by Orrin Broberg, on Jun, 24, 2019

Maximizing the Lift from Your ABM Program ABM is hard. It’s complicated. It has a lot of moving parts. ABM is scary. These are the words Todd Berkowitz used to …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Jun, 12, 2019

At the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference, Christy Ferguson began her session on Optimizing Demand Generation with the statement that marketers love benchmarks. She quickly followed with “Benchmarks are …

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by Orrin Broberg, on May, 28, 2019

On day 2 of the Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019, Brent Adamson spoke about the need to rethink customer engagement with a focus on buyer enablement. He talked about how the …

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by Orrin Broberg, on May, 24, 2019

Brent Adamson kicked off the Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019 with the preface that the story he’s sharing isn’t a marketing story, but a buying story. We’ve all heard the adage …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Apr, 25, 2019

Next week, the Gartner Marketing Symposium arrives in sunny San Diego, California. This is one of the top marketing events of the year, bringing Gartner experts and hundreds of business …

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by Orrin Broberg, on Feb, 4, 2019

A recent discussion I had with Jim Dickie may give sales and marketing directors a sense of relief - and the next action they need to take to meet their …

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