Modus Wins Two Sales Software Awards by FinancesOnline

Modus Wins Two Sales Software Awards by FinancesOnline

We’re proud to announce that Modus was awarded two of FinancesOnline’s popular recognitions, the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for best sales software. The review panel found value in our platform, and described it as a very user-friendly, original, and reliable sales tool. They went further to include Modus on the list of leading sales software solutions, recognizing its capacity to balance between function and form.


What did they like the most? From the panel’s point of view, “Modus is one of the few solutions that help to measure customer engagement end-to-end, sharing data across an array of systems. Modus is stationed between sales and marketing departments, bringing together the departments to effectively sell more. The presence of advanced features such as sales asset management, localization, and guided selling are additional proof that the system has plenty to offer to global businesses.”

great-user-experience-award-2017 Rising-star-award-2017

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