Modus President and CEO Orrin Broberg Featured on Selling Power

by Adam Luckeroth, on Jan, 24, 2014

In a recent video posted on, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO of Selling Power, took the time to sit down with me to discuss innovative ways to deploy sales presentations and content. To watch the interview, click the play button.


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Video Transcription:

Gerhard Gschwandtner: Hi my name is Gerhard Gschwandtner and welcome to Selling Power TV. Today we’re in San Francisco at the Sales 2.0 Conference, and we have the pleasure of speaking with Orrin Broberg. He’s the CEO of Modus. Welcome, Orrin.

Orrin Broberg: Good to see you Gerhard, great conference.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: Thank you. What does the market need today?

Orrin Broberg: Oh boy, the market really needs something for the sales people to have an easy app for presenting and communicating all of this beautiful information succinctly and clearly to their customers. They also need something that makes it easier to communicate and follow up with these great conversations, the analytics that can flow back to marketing so that we can make sure the salespeople are spending the right time talking about the right things and they have everything they need all in one spot. That’s what we hear the market needs, and that’s what we deliver with Modus.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: So what does Modus do, how do you solve that problem?

Orrin Broberg: Well, we use cloud-based technologies, and we leverage all the technologies in the iPad to bring all that in a nice, customized, easy to use platform for the salespeople to use.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: So there are a lot of applications like that, what makes yours different?

Orrin Broberg: Well the thing that makes us different is that our app uses what you might call a “hub and spoke” architecture, where the content is pushed out to the iPad and all the information is there, and the sales people then have the ability to arrange it into a consistent, evenly used presentation to their customers. So you get the kind of control and consistency in a sales presentation that you don’t get with other apps that are more decentralized that allow freeform development and customization at the sales-rep level.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: So, it makes selling easier, but how does it facilitate the buying process?

Orrin Broberg: Well, it cuts down on the time first of all. It cuts down on the time for updating and getting new information out to the sales people. What’s really exciting about the app is that because we use the cloud technology, when you’re a marketing person or a sales operations manager, you’re trying to get the information out to everybody. Ours is instant update to the iPad, and so the salespeople have the most current information, and there’s no mistake about having anything that’s old. Secondly, once they’re communicating with the customer, they’re able to quickly follow up and take all that information that was vital and interesting to the customer and send it to them via email and we can track through analytics all the things that are happening and it shortens the sales cycle and we get to measure the level of engagement right there in real time. And with our new feature for trade shows, Lead Capture, we take the camera from the iPad itself, scan the badges at a trade show and make that part of a seamless conversation about the product, to follow up to analytics and to the follow up after the show and the customers love it and we have a great example from a recent show in Las Vegas where a major client of ours had a goal of so many leads, and we doubled that amount because the salespeople were able to actually use the app effectively and analytics really came through.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: How does it integrate with CRM solutions?

Orrin Broberg: Well the CRM wants to know, for example, who the salesperson is talking to, but also what they are talking about. And so we supplement CRM with analytics, so we know when they’re talking, what they’re talking about, how often they’re talking about it, the level of engagement with the customer and that supplements what’s already going on in CRM in real time. So we take objective data along with the qualitative data that the salespeople provide.

Gerhard Gschwandtner: Awesome, thank you so much. Congratulations to your success, for anybody who wants to get more information, check out

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