7 Simple Ways to Use Modus for Remote Selling

7 Simple Ways to Use Modus for Remote Selling

Modus Remote Selling

Modus was literally invented for remote selling. Born out of the need for offline access to sales assets on construction sites and hospital operating rooms, it easily adapts to home offices, kitchen tables, and (if you’re lucky) backyard patios. Working from home can be challenging and distracting so sales tools need to do it all and make it easy in a wide variety of circumstances. Good thing we already thought of that.

Our amazing customers already know that giving sales teams an app like Modus gives them access to their assets anywhere (but even so, it’s a good time to remind them). From right on their laptop using the web app, to mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, access to content is streamlined across all devices and the similarities among them mean sellers only need to learn one layout and method of navigation. They can save presentations once and have them sync across all devices so they’re always prepared, even in the middle of home school or when the wifi is bogged down.

Present like a Pro on Video Calls

Going remote means big-screen presentations in conference rooms or otherwise normal in-person sales conversations are now online. Being able to present content effectively while remote is the key to continuing sales conversions and keeping buyers engaged, especially with all the household distractions.

Preparing an agenda ahead of time just takes a couple of clicks, and there are no extra files to pull up and keep track of, it’s just an open tab open right there in your browser next to the dial-in meeting. When you’re done, you can email the entire presentation and this automatically creates a unique microsite where the conversation can continue via chat, and others can be included.

Interact with Buyers on Microsites

Modus Microsite Screen Shot-1

Like I just alluded to… We’ve recently seriously updated our email follow-up game, and it seems it was just in time. Notifications indicating which of multiple email recipients is viewing the assets sent out through the Modus Hub has literally been the most requested feature ever, and I’m so glad our customers get to take advantage of it for remote selling when it’s so crucial.

Just like the web app presentations, a microsite will be created for any and every asset sent from a Modus app so your buyers can view what you send in one secure place. They can make comments, invite others, ask the seller questions and revisit whenever they want.

Having yet another way to engage buyers when meeting in person isn’t an option that can keep the sales conversation going, or even just keep the connection strong for when business returns to normal.

Bring your Products Alive Online with Interactive Virtual Tours

sales page - create - Hendrickson-Vpt-ipad

Bring the showroom into your customer’s living room with virtual tours. Lots of time at home means lots of time online and using Modus to create interactive tours is a great virtual alternative that can keep your buyer’s attention. Using our easy tour creator built into Modus, and with the right static images you can move your buyers through a space to see what it holds, or have them spin around a product and click or tap to learn more and see your videos and other assets.

Obviously, recent trends have already indicated that sales processes are going even more digital, and having these types of interactive tours as tools for your sellers is already an important initiative for many manufacturers in 2020. With all the current changes due to Covid-19, where just about everything is online, this is only more true and more crucial today.

Virtual Onboarding Training and Coaching with Microlearning

Modus Microlearning - Product Launches

In talking to customers recently, many people tend to be swamped, and often pivoting, because some aspect of their business is in demand to treat Covid-19 patients, or help with consequences of the shutdown. Others are moving a little slower, using the time to focus on teaching not just product knowledge but also new safety practices, and the new messaging needed almost universally for uncertain times.

Either way, keeping sales teams engaged and informed with short courses designed to teach just the right knowledge at the right time is crucial for remote sales today. Learn more about Microlearning here

Stay Informed on Your Team’s Engagement with your Assets

Fully remote workforces that were not designed that way (or often even if they were) pose unique challenges in feedback and communication. Getting insight into the engagement of your sales team and the performance of your marketing content is more important than ever when you don’t actually see anyone or hear any whispers.

Detailed analytics of content performance and user engagement are available in a variety of formats within Modus so you can monitor what’s working in this challenging sales environment. Watching how a successful rep uses your content can serve as a good story to tell others in newsletters, or other coaching or collaborative scenario to keep teams inspired and engaged.

Gather the Team’s Feedback with a Simple to Use Fillable Form

Want to know what your sales team thinks about the work you’ve done to support them? Or what they need help with? Create a simple Adobe Fillable form asking about anything from new product launch asset information, to app organization tips, or even specific tactics that are working for sellers now time.

It’s already built right in, you specify the email address the form is sent to, and an icon can be added to the bottom menu with any wording you choose. Feedback is the default and in my opinion, only the beginning, I’m waiting for a creative customer to blow my mind on this one… What would you ask all of your sellers right now knowing you can easily get quick responses?

Get the Right Messages to just the Right Sellers

Modus allows you to send push notifications, text messages, and emails to any segment of Modus users of your choosing. Do your surgical sales reps need an update on elective surgery policy that none of the other reps need? Or is there new crucial information for those parts that go into the manufacturing of PPE that people need to know now? Maybe a promotion for a certain region is active and they need details… No matter the changing situation, get that information easily in front of just the right segment of your team.

Now more than ever, keeping remote teams updated in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons is the universal challenge. And keeping it simple to use is not just better it’s necessary. We want to continue to be that solution for our customers now and for whatever happens in the future. Short-term, near-term, and long-term Modus will continue to evolve for remote selling needs based on our customers’ feedback.


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