6 Impactful Upgrades to Media Manager

by Scott Olson, on Nov, 30, 2015

Today at Modus, we're celebrating one of our biggest product launch days of the year.


We have exciting news to share about our new admin dashboard tool, Media Manager 2. Read on for the details!

Built to be faster, more user-friendly, and easier to navigate, Media Manager 2 is a polished and powerful interface for every Modus account.

So what exactly is new?

Experienced users of Modus will find that actions like uploading content, creating groups and categories and sending agendas still function in a similar way, but some of the most exciting upgrades include:

Increased Speed
Say goodbye to time wasted while navigating or waiting for a document to upload. Speed upgrades to Media Manager 2 have greatly reduced the load times for downloads and uploads of content. These improvements are especially significant for accounts with a large number of users and/or content.

Expanded Analytics & Reporting
Important activities that occur in the app are tracked and reported in the new analytics dashboard where you can drill down into the nitty-gritty of things like what content is used most and when. User and content engagement can be viewed in detail and reports of this data can also be created for export.

This is what the interactive analytics dashboard looks like:


Brand New Dashboard
A new feature for Media Manager 2, the dashboard gives you a quick overview of important stats and account activity immediately upon logging in.

User Roles & Permissions
User management for large accounts just got a lot easier because of user roles and we’ve introduced permissions to facilitate the new user roles concept. Permissions allow you to assign users view/edit permissions to different components of Media Manager. Permissions can be fine-tuned at the individual user level for access to groups and categories, as well as language preferences.

Security By Design
Security has been a main focus since the very beginning. Built completely from the ground up on the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework, every single request in Media Manager 2 is secured and verified via SSL protocol.

API Integrations
Speaking of OAuth, our API was designed to allow you to easily integrate Modus with your systems and help to instantly share data with other applications in the cloud. The majority of the data in our web application is accessible, so the integration possibilities are endless.

Available To Everyone
All current Modus customers can begin taking advantage of these powerful new features today.

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There are many other features and improvements that we haven't covered here. For any questions regarding these updates, please contact us. We hope that you are excited for the new version of Media Manager as much as we are!