5 Ways that Mobile is Changing Sales and Marketing Forever

by Adam Luckeroth, on Apr, 21, 2015

Siloed departments have a tendency to gum up the works of businesses, especially between marketing and sales. There are few departments whose success relies on inter-departmental teamwork quite like marketing and sales. Historically, the two departments have needed some extra help in order to get along. Thankfully, in the digital age, this help comes in the form of easy-to-use technology.


As technology advances, even more effective ways to collaborate are constantly developed. For example, social media helps salespeople and customer service teams communicate directly with the consumer, and the onset of CRM platforms helps salespeople communicate with each other about the needs of their customers. But now a new technology is on the rise -- mobile -- and it’s time that organizations start using it to improve the way they do business. The results of implementation will supersede your sales and marketing alignment goals.

We’ve already talked about why sales and marketing need to be aligned. It’s fair to say that most organizations understand that when the communication and feedback processes between departments are streamlined, great things can happen. Mobile makes this process even easier. The year of mobile is upon us, and it’s going to change sales and marketing forever. Here are the top five ways you can expect to see that change happen.

Professional appearance.

The free market is a competitive place. Much like dressing yourself for success, your promotional and sales materials should be designed for the consumer in mind. The use of mobile technology in your sales presentations eliminates the need to carry a big bag of fragile paper documents around with you. It also allows you to display appealing PDF and text based documents, websites, photos, landing pages, and videos from a single device. This efficiency gives the salesperson more time to sell by reducing time looking for papers or switching between printed and digital materials.

With a mobile sales app like Modus, content is controlled by an administrator who ensures that all available content is the most recent and up-to-date information. This reduces the risk of showing the wrong materials to the wrong person, and ensures that all content is branded correctly with messaging the marketing department has developed. But how can marketing really know what messaging works best for a salesperson’s clients? The answer is in the analytics.

More and better data.

Marketers love data. After all, data helps us understand who our customers are at their core. In addition, with mobile sales apps like Modus, marketing can access data that was not available before now concerning use and engagement. Couple that information with the unique insights the sales team gets from being in the field, and you’ve got yourself a winning sales and marketing material optimization strategy. Routine collection and analysis of that information will help marketing and sales produce materials that actually convert and help salespeople excel at their job. If you’re not convinced that mobile sales enablement is worth the investment, just look at this infographic.

Reduce the need to travel.

One of the most exciting things about modern technology is the ability to connect with people, regardless of their location. This benefit applies to sales and marketing departments -- especially those in large, often global, organizations that don’t have all of their key players in one place. It’s certainly possible to forego traveling from campus to campus with the use of email and Skype, but there’s still no sure-fire way to know that new documents created as a result of important conversations are going to be immediately available to the sales team that needs them. That is, until now.

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A mobile sales app like Modus allows the management of those materials by one person or department to automatically push out to the mobile devices used by the sales team. Mobile allows communication and distribution of information and materials to occur instantly, regardless of their physical location, so you can save your miles for a trip you actually want to take.

Save more time.

As cliche as it is, time truly is money. Having to print sales and marketing materials, then ship them is a time-consuming process. Even the most efficient marketing teams can have a hard time keeping up with all of the different versions of content that need to be distributed to sales and marketing teams all over the country or even the globe. Then, once those documents are in the mail, they’re at the mercy of the service by which they’re delivered.

Using a mobile sales app like Modus eliminates the need for this entire process. Your materials are digitally distributed and hosted, so there’s no need to print anything out or send anything through the mail. That time saved can be put toward more important tasks, like meeting sales goals.

Reduce cost of doing business.

As we’ve mentioned, time is money. Aside from the time you save printing materials and sending them, there’s also the associated costs. For example, every time your organization decides to run a new promotion, there’s usually a set cost for production of materials. When your organization uses a mobile sales app, that cost is eliminated. Not to mention, misprints and mistakes cost a lot less when you don’t have to print thousands of copies at a time. Mistakes can be fixed instantly and in an exponentially more cost-effective way when an organization uses a mobile sales app.

That also means that new ideas and breakthroughs about customer wants and new services can easily be incorporated in marketing and sales materials and distributed instantly. This means your organization will no longer have to hope a trend hasn’t passed by the time their materials are created, printed, and shipped to the right team.

There are many benefits of using mobile sales apps in your organization. Sales and marketing alignment is the first in an overwhelming list. What other benefits have you experienced while using mobile for your business? Tweet your thoughts to @modusengagement or sound off in the comments!

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