5 Tips for Effective Tablet Presentations

by Adam Luckeroth, on Feb, 2, 2014

A properly utilized tablet can completely transform your business presentations. A tablet is a technology that can be leveraged for a variety of engaging media presentations, from interactive video to communicating and interviewing other individuals across the globe. PowerPoint®, a technology now 26 years old, doesn’t capture hearts and minds the way that it once did.


So how can you use your tablet to deliver presentations that break from the “slide show – narrator” model and move your meetings into a “let’s discuss and learn” type of format?

Here are five tips for engaging and effective tablet presentations:

1) Rethink Your Style

For one-on-ones and small group meetings the tablet enables friendly, informal discussions. Begin by sitting next to your clients instead of across from them. Place the tablet on the table and sit shoulder-to-shoulder as you present. While you’re still in control of the presentation, the client is now an equal in the conversation rather than just an audience. It’s empowering to him and useful to you, as he’ll open up to the challenges his organization is facing.

But more than just stagecraft, presenting side-by-side sends a powerful message: you’re on their side, instead of in opposition to them. Just remember to respect their space. Keep a comfortable distance and back your chair away from the table a few inches, so your shoulders are open to the client. This communicates openness and confidence. Body language matters!

2) Present Non-Linearly to Keep Them Engaged

Present your data non-linearly -- jump around. Slide shows let you navigate left-right-left, on a single level of information. A great sales conversation isn’t linear. Rather, it’s a lively and spontaneous exchange of ideas where you go deep on topics that are important to the client and skip over others.

A non-linear presentation lets you skip around and present content that’s right for the moment – drilling down on the topics critical for a particular audience. You have little time to make an impression. Don’t waste it searching for the right slide. Instead, go where the conversation leads you and let the customer tell you where they want to go.

3) Multimedia Is Your Friend

Use videos, photos and even audio -- everything that you can think of to bring the message home. By introducing multimedia into your presentation, you can quickly convey ideas without saying them aloud. Most presenters talk too much; the audience zones out in the abundance of information. Playing a video gives you an opportunity to stop talking and let the device do the selling. It gives your audience a few minutes to catch their breath and then re-engage you on their terms. Pro tip: make sure that you have the right solution to playback videos even when offline.

4) Use the Tablet as a Prop, Not a Teleprompter

Presentations can be tough. When we get nervous or unsure of ourselves, often we revert to reading the content aloud or narrating the collateral. In this regard, the tablet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. To avoid using the content as a crutch, remember to periodically put down the tablet and look into the eyes of your audience. Eye contact is key -- if you avoid their eyes, you will seem to lack confidence or preparedness. The tablet presentation app is there to support the conversation, not to supplant it.

5) Interactivity Wins the Day

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. How would you like to spend the hour? Would you prefer to sit back and listen for 60 minutes, politely taking notes and considering your lunch options? Or would you rather guide your learning, taking the conversation in the direction most interesting to you? Most of us would prefer the latter. Anything you can do to prompt interaction – whether it’s a simple Q&A or a software that forces the audience to participate – will create a more rewarding experience for meeting participants.

An interactive and non-linear tablet presentation will always be naturally more engaging than a simple PowerPoint slideshow or cue card script. Of course, crafting such a compelling and media-friendly presentation can be a challenge. Learn to utilize the tools that the tablet gives you to make the most of the technology, rather than just replicating old presentation formats on a new device.

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