The 5 Essential Elements of an Effective Sales Mobile Solution

by Orrin Broberg, on Jan, 23, 2014

Business runs at the speed of technology. New developments and capabilities enable critical functions in ways never before imagined. But choosing the right solutions can be difficult. Fortunately, at least when selecting a mobile sales solution, its easy to make the right choice. By understanding the critical aspects of your sales efforts and demanding their fulfillment from a mobile application, your sales team can become more agile, more effective, and more profitable.



An agile sales team must be able to turn on a dime. But while the tone and content of your verbal pitch can be changed easily, having ready access to sales figures, audio/visual assets, and training materials is essential to staying abreast of your developing business, and customer expectations.

What your team needs is inbound and outbound access to content. An effective mobile sales solution enables this connectivity and allows your mobile and office-bound personnel to exchange critical sales assets with no hassle involved. The platform your business uses should allow for effortless distribution of resources to mobile devices, preferably with no revision fees. That way your team can make necessary changes without worrying about unnecessary costs.


Mobile communications are nothing new. Access to email and IM have long been features of mobile phones and other devices. What matters more than the ability to communicate is the context of communication.

A strong mobile sales solution should recognize this and implement communications in a way that makes sense. Translating your sales agenda into an email in another application, and then re-translating the response back into the application is not only difficult on mobile devices, its unnecessary. Instead, communications critical to the coordination of meetings, crafting of pitch, and satisfaction of customers should manifest in one contiguous process, and your app should facilitate this.


Your business doesn’t run on door-to-door solicitation. It runs on intelligent targeting and data-driven insights. Without the analytics necessary to paint a coherent picture of your successes, customers, and selling points, your sales efforts are effectively rudderless.

The solution you select should be both comprehensive in collection and scalable in scope. It should recognize the demographic differences in your customers, as well as the response rate of communications and effectiveness of talking points. Furthermore, it should allow you to make observations based on over-arching trends and individual predilections. Doing so allows you to make broad-base changes in development and pitch, while also honing in on what makes each customer unique.


Even if an application does all of these things well, there’s no reason its capabilities should end there. With the processing power of mobile devices and the versatility of mobile applications, a strong sales solution should do more than what it must. It should do what you need it to.

For this reason, look for extensibility in your application. Add-ons like cost calculators and 3D mockups of product can help drill down case-by-case data and demo products more effectively. Additional options like custom add-ons are an excellent resource for a highly specialized business. Use built-in tools or develop the tools you need and let your sales solution enable them.


The most important aspect in all of these features is adaptability. Your clients, products, and statistics change, and your mobile solution should do the same. It should allow customers to be able to communicate what components of a product matter to them. It should allow you to revise your presentation to suit their needs. And it should do all of this without compromising your valuable time and patience.

With sales so critical to your operations, choosing the right mobile sales solution is essential. Make the right choice and ensure that your application enables access to sales assets, communications between your salespeople and developers, analytics to track progress and adjust approach, and tools to help them do the job properly. With a highly flexible solution comprised of critical tools, your sales agility can turn into conversion, returning your investment many times over.

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