4 Key Benefits of Having a Mobile Sales Force

by Orrin Broberg, on Jul, 28, 2014

Last week, we posted an infographic highlighting the benefits of having a mobile enabled sales force. But all the stats in the world put together sometimes can’t tell us the full story. So this week we’re focusing in on four key benefits of having a mobile sales force: brand control, professional appearance, efficiency, and analytics and the ability to track ROI.


It’s important to keep in mind that many sales and marketing departments are shifting initiatives to include a mobile focus. Mobile apps are already helping salespeople and organizations meet their revenue goals and increase their ‘win’ rates. But along with obvious financial incentives, there are organizational benefits that go along with a mobile sales force.

Brand Control

One of the biggest hurdles between sales and marketing is the level of communication needed to ensure that each department is up to date on what’s happening with the other. It’s important that sales knows what the current promotions are, and that they have all of the necessary sales documentation to effectively sell those products or services. It’s equally important for marketing to know that sales is presenting information that’s on brand, accurate and effective, along with what is and isn’t working.

A mobile salesperson has access to only the most recent and up to date version of each document. Marketing has the ability to upload and manage all content that sales needs, eliminating the issue of duplicate versions of documents that cause confusion or worse, miscommunication with the customer.

Professional Appearance

Have you ever met with a salesperson who spent half the time you were talking shuffling through papers? Or worse, they weren’t able to find the document they needed to show you for the specific service or product that you were interested in? There’s nothing that makes you lose your confidence in a brand faster than an unprepared or unprofessional sales rep.

A mobile salesperson is able to bring up any of your company’s sales decks, product info sheets, or any other relevant sales and marketing materials they may need for a presentation with the touch of a button. They can be sure that it’s the current pricing and offer, and that it’s consistent with both the brand and other sales materials. They can share information of interest immediately, avoiding the typical step of having to send things from back at the office. This enables them to have the confidence they need to make a strong pitch, and ultimately a stronger connection with the client.


If there’s one thing that all salespeople can agree on, it’s this: The first 30 seconds of any sales pitch are the most crucial. You need to quickly gain interest and prove your worth to your prospective customer.  This is easily achieved with organized, highly visual materials that are easy to find and show.

But efficiency doesn’t just apply to the sales pitch itself. What if a client asks you to send them the sales materials you’re using? Or you need to schedule a call with the prospect instantly? A good mobile sales app will allow you to instantly send sales materials to your customer and will be easily integrated with your CRM platform. This allows them to have all the necessary customer information readily available so they don’t waste any time looking things up or looking for the right documents to send over.

Analytics & Tracking ROI

One of the greatest benefits of the digital era is the ability to track our sales and marketing efforts down to their exact point of origin. A mobile sales app should allow you to track which sales materials are the most effective, monitor the overarching trends in the effectiveness of your sales calls, and even see which sales documents get downloaded most. This will allow you to optimize your sales materials for each customer group, or even each individual customer, by using hard facts based on their individual needs.

These are just four of the many benefits of having a mobile sales force. Along with these benefits, there’s the fact that your salespeople will love you for making their lives easier. And a happy, organized, and aligned sales force is a beautiful thing.

If you have any questions about implementing a mobile sales strategy, or are interested in learning more about mobile apps for your sales and marketing teams, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter @modusengagement or email us.

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