3 Ways to Use a Mobile Sales App Outside of the Pitch

by Robin Tinker, on Nov, 10, 2014

Using a mobile sales app can help your salespeople stay organized, on-message, up to date and even appear more professional. But, a good sales app is so much more than a tool to use during the pitch. Mobile is an investment, so it’s important to know that while sales enablement is the primary function of a mobile sales app, the right app will go far beyond the pitch. Here are a few ways you can use a mobile sales app like Modus to improve communication, and support customers, employees and stakeholders.


1. Use it as an information and self-help portal for customers. Modus customer Burlodge gave us this great example of using their app distribute and update training information to their own customers. If you use a mobile sales app to keep your sales and marketing materials up to date and in an easy to access location, why can’t you do that with product information, FAQ’s, troubleshooting advice, training videos, or even company or product news? The possibilities are endless. You’ll have full control over the contents of the app and your customer may not even have to be online to access pertinent information. This is good news for people who work in areas that aren’t so wifi friendly, like certain parts of hospitals, basements of buildings, or just areas without great wireless coverage.

Allowing your customers to use your app to access important product information and answer their own questions will help get information into their hands faster and reduce demands on contact support or customer service.  This will require less of your staff’s time and make things easier for your customers. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Use it as an employee information hub. Sales and marketing people in particular have their inboxes flooded with new materials and promotional messages, endless conversation threads, and the constantly updated “new” sales presentation. Being able to access the important information that you need in a timely fashion is a nightmare when it comes to looking through your inbox. Many companies have come up with other systems to store this information, like server-based content management systems or putting it in the cloud. But wouldn't it be better if your employees could simply download an app and have all of the information they need at a swipe of a finger?

Instead of storing information in the cloud, where you’ll need an internet connection to access it, storing it on a mobile app allows your employees to access current and important information regardless of their wifi situation. There are countless options. You can use the app to store scheduling information, updated sales territories, information about new products, services, clients, and more. Playing videos or showing large 360 degree product views work perfectly, without having to download or wait for the dreaded buffering to complete while your customer waits.

Not only does having a centralized location for your media allow your employees to be more organized and connected, it allows them to be more engaged with your brand. And using a mobile app to store your employee information will allow you to also measure how engaged your employees truly are. The same metrics you would use to measure what media is being shown to customers out in the field can be used to measure what your employees are taking time to read over, and what may be less interesting to them.

3. Lastly, you can use it to communicate important information to investors and stakeholders. Instead of sending out financial reports, important company news, and other pertinent information over email, you could store it securely on a mobile app. That way, investors and other stakeholders can access that content easily and you’re always positive that they have the correct and most current information at their disposal.

Has your business found other creative ways to use a mobile sales app? Let us know! Tweet your ideas to us or sound off in the comments. If you’re having a hard time visualizing how these ideas would work, check out Modus for free and see what you can create!

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