3 Reasons to get Excited for our HubSpot Integration

by Scott Olson, on Jan, 26, 2016

You’ve probably already heard of HubSpot, you know, the inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Well, we were recently announced as a HubSpot Connect Featured Integration Partner.


This is huge for us, and here’s why you should be excited too:

The Modus - HubSpot integration is a connection between the two platforms that helps you keep your HubSpot data consistent and in-sync with sales activities that occur offline. The data from Modus fills the void of what happens in the sales call. It’s easy to set up and no programming required. (Instructions here)

According to Salesforce research, nearly 60% of high-performing sales teams already use or are planning to use a mobile sales app. Ascend2 found that 42% of companies use marketing automation, and 54% use CRM. Now these can all work together thanks to the Modus - HubSpot integration.

So what happens when you integrate Modus with HubSpot?

When a sales rep sends a follow-up to a prospect or customer, that information is sent to HubSpot. Workflows can be tailored based on the specific content that is sent. By using Modus, the follow-up email, in this case, reflects the collective understanding and output of the conversation between the salesperson and the customer. This activity trigger represents the needs of that contact at that point in time which helps to:

1. Align Sales and Marketing

Research conducted by SiriusDecisions shows that B2B organizations with tightly aligned Sales and Marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth. Lead coordination and nurturing are critical to effective sales and marketing alignment. Modus helps with the coordination and HubSpot with the nurturing of leads, alignment ensues.

2. Improve CRM

CRM is supposed to be the single source of truth when it comes to information about a customer’s interactions with your company, but what happens when there are outside interactions that aren’t recorded in the CRM? Maybe a sales rep had an in-person meeting at the end of the day and forgot to log it, or maybe they’ve been too busy to catch up. At this point, the customer record in CRM no longer represents a single source of truth. And besides, manually entering sales details for leads, prospects and customers is a waste of salespeople’s time and a misuse of their talents. This unfortunate, yet all too common situation can be prevented when the sales rep uses Modus with the HubSpot integration and the items shown in a face-to-face meeting are logged automatically to the contact record in CRM. Hooray!

3. Increase the Value of Marketing Automation

Modus increases the value of HubSpot’s marketing automation tools by enabling leads to flow automatically from the sales call into HubSpot, keeping contact data fresh, relevant and complete. Follow-up information is sent to lists and workflows that are customized to the specific content sent during face-to-face meetings. This new Smarketing cycle draws sales and marketing closer. It’s a win-win. Contacts receive targeted communications and an enhanced overall customer experience. Decision-makers get a full picture of the contact’s online and offline activity, not just hunches and feelings.

We’re dedicated to making it easier for sales and marketing to align their efforts and for marketing teams to excel in sales enablement. Modus helps get sales people the marketing materials they need on the fly and shares valuable data with marketing teams through HubSpot.

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