3 Modus Features to Help Increase Sales Effectiveness

3 Modus Features to Help Increase Sales Effectiveness

Modus Sales Hub

Your Modus Sales Hub is an incredibly powerful tool that helps your reps have better conversations with your buyers. Have you ever wondered what else your Modus app can do?

Here are three features that you might not be utilizing to their full potential:

  1. Virtual Product Tour - You probably already know that Virtual Product Tours (VPT) are powerful 360-degree digital product demonstrations that are effective for sales of complex products. Have you thought about using VPT for your sales playbooks? Here are some quick tips on how you can maximize your VPT’s:
    1. Instead of creating interactive PDF’s for your playbook, use a VPT in your playbook for easy sharing. This helps eliminate yet another budget item and frees up dollars to spend elsewhere.
    2. Using VPT in your sales playbook offers you a templated, interactive way to organize content and release it to your Modus users. You can choose to work on a new revision of the playbook while the current version is still in use, or create a template and release new VPT playbooks for each new version.
    3. Leverage your content already loaded in your Modus app and add context by embedding content into pages of VPT. These pieces of content can be sales talking points, areas of design focus, or key product differentiators. VPTs operate like any other file loaded into your Modus app with the added power of simple, accessible controls that are easy for you to activate.
  2. Notifications - Sending messages and push notifications in your Modus app increases engagement and eliminates the need for yet another form of communication. Notifications can get the most important messages to your teams without the worry of getting lost in the mix of an email inbox. Here are a few ideas for you to start using notifications today:
    1. Send a notification about your newest sales and marketing newsletter to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Email and internal sites are great but they get cluttered - notifications help cut through that clutter.
    2. Keep your reps engaged by eliminating yet another place for them to find information. Modus notifications afford you the advantage of creating and sending messages in a platform designed specifically for communicating important information to your teams so they can thrive.
  3. Microlearning -  Your LMS is useful for handling the heavy lift sales and product training but what happens when the sales rep is back talking to customers and selling? Research shows sales reps need reinforcement after the training - this is where Microlearning comes in. Microlearning allows you to design and deliver just-in-time training to reinforce the heavy lift LMS training you just completed. Here are a few ideas on how to leverage microlearning:
    1. Product information and messaging training are critical to a salesperson’s success. Ensuring your team knows the product and how to position it to your ideal customer sets your sales team up for success. Leverage short videos and slideshows to help reinforce their knowledge.It’s also important to make sure training is accessible whenever your team needs a refresher.
    2. Microlearning caters to the always-on-the-go sales person. Design your trainings specifically for consumption on a phone or tablet and use the power of Modus to ensure your team never has to worry about not having access to their training, regardless of internet connectivity or lack of time.
    3. Microlearning also provides a feedback loop with self-record functionality between trainee and manager or trainer to ensure your team is using the information gained from courses to the best of their abilities. Another tool sure to help you with gaining mindshare of your teams.

I hope these three features help jump start some new ideas on how to maximize the value of your Modus app. Also, make sure to keep an eye on the Modus Community and Modus University for more tips and tricks on how to keep your sales team effective.


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