200,000 Strong – and Growing!

200,000 Strong – and Growing!

With 200,000 marketing and sales professionals and 3.4 million files viewed in our customers’ Sales Hubs, 2019 was truly a growth year here at Modus.

Our customers, our team, and our software functionality have all grown beyond expectations. The Modus Sales Hub has evolved to include more tools to get the right assets to buyers at the right time and keep sellers in top form with just-in-time learning.

This has given customers even more opportunities to digitally innovate, including automated content feeds from DAMs and streamlined Marketing Automation integrations to bolster lead nurturing. We even saw customers add new teams, like service and support to the Modus Sales Hub, for easier access to the assets they need.

All of that growth also meant more Modus! More customers, more sophisticated use cases, more team members, more partnerships, and even more ways to get the word out about the Modus Sales Hub.

Growing in Thought Leadership

We build tools to help companies solve their most pressing go-to-market issues. The Modus Sales Hub exists to give smart leaders the firepower to bring their best strategies to life, all while equipping their sales teams with everything they need to execute on this shared vision.

To evolve with the needs of our most innovative customers, we’ve worked closely with leading industry analysts, like Gartner, to ensure we’re keeping pace with the changing needs of our customers. We were honored to be included in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Sales Enablement.

Modus in the Wild

Not only were we busy building more ways for you to reach and engage your buyers and making sure we kept pace with industry trends…we were also busy helping our customers tell their stories.

Here are two of our favorites from 2019:

We are also extremely grateful to all our customers who attended and shared their stories at the third annual Modus Summit in October,right here in Minneapolis. We heard success stories about product launches, marketing automation integrations, trade show ROI, and ways to increase engagement with content and more. We have some new tricks up our sleeve for 2020’s Summit –so stay tuned!

Finally, our Lead Capture® team spent a busy year supporting customers at over 500 trade shows and helping customers collect almost 60,000 leads!

Partners to Complement Your Efforts

We’re all about making friends that benefit our customers. In 2019 we began or expanded partnerships with select companies that provide solutions to complement your efforts with Modus. We’re proud to include Box, Brainshark, Leadous, Two Rivers Marketing, Pardot, and Widen Enterprises in our growing partner community. We know these companies help our customers overcome challenges and win more business every quarter.

Hindsight is Looking Good

Looking back on 2019 there were so many highlights – I’m not really sure how we even got so much done! Well, actually I do know… we added over 20 talented individuals to the Modus crew last year and the team has never been stronger. In fact, we’re honored to have two former customers on our customer success team, ready to help because they have lived it. I know they are already adding so much value by working with our customers… and from my perspective, we are all benefiting from their perspectives every day.

2020 Looks Even Better

We know you want to get more out of the technology you’ve already invested in — that’s why the Modus Sales Hub is built to play nice with the most popular B2B solutions in the industry.

In 2020, in addition to upgrading basic functionality, we’ll continue to grow the Modus Sales Hub with integrations and partnerships that benefit you. (So, please tell us what systems you’d like to hook in with. Chances are we can do it.)

Lastly, a quick sneak peek into our roadmap includes a new way to get Modus app usage data inside of Salesforce, new and better business card scanning, as well as webhooks to pull data into any system you use. And coming soon: an interactive microsite will be created each time an email is sent to increase buyer engagement. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

It’s great to take time and look back at all the amazing achievements our customers made in 2019 – but we’re fully committed to making 2020 even better.


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