15 Essential Apps for Business Professionals

15 Essential Apps for Business Professionals

In the Information Age, the business professional must be constantly connected in order provide satisfactory service. But utility doesn't have to end with the customer, busy minds and high-stress schedules can see a little relief with the right applications. In the following post, we’re outlining 15 great mobile applications for every business professional.



When you're juggling act gets stressful, it helps to have your thoughts organized. Evernote allows you to capture all of your thoughts, tag them, arrange them into contexts with notebooks, and even turn post-it notes into smart actions.

Omnifocus 2

Your to-do list is likely longer than most, so you need an app that can handle the load. Omnifocus 2 offers a robust system for organizing, prioritizing, and performing important tasks in ways that will clear your mind and improve your efficiency.

Office365 Mobile

If you use a computer, you use Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. With the latest iteration of the Office series, busy business-people can view, edit, and share documents from their SkyDrive accounts with this portable version of the ubiquitous office suite.



When you're every moment is inundated with "essential" tasks, saving valuable information for later is a prudent practice. The Pocket mobile app syncs with your online account to provide seamless and attractive reading across multiple platforms.


Becoming the mayor of your local coffee shop is fun, pinging potential leads and scouting your market is smart. LinkedIn's mobile app gives you instant access to the world's most professional social networking platform, which means valuable contact even when your train is late.


Between your laptop, desktop, work computer, and phone, you're working across a lot of platforms in the course of a day. Dropbox helps streamline this multi-device existence by syncing files between locations.

HubSpot CRM

Time is money, and sales reps don't have time to waste on scattered spreadsheets and menial tasks. That's where HubSpot comes in--HubSpot CRM is a free CRM that features a full suite of sales productivity tools so reps can sell more, but work less.


Mobile functionality is a boon, but not when you're driving. Siri's voice activated commands allow you to keep in touch with contacts, update your location, and play music without taking your eyes off the road where they belong.

Dragon Dictation

When your every moment is spent tapping fingers on various electronics, sometimes your digits need a break. Dragon Dictation does a great job of recording your thoughts when your wrists just can't take the typing or your mobile keyboard got lost with your luggage.


Chasing down leads, and exploring new partnerships is complicated enough without having to remember which street your hotel is on. TripIt automates attractive and informative itineraries when you forward your emails to their system, cutting that awkward stack of papers and notes necessary to reach the conference center down to zero.


Travel is expensive and your time is better spent building relationships than hunting for the best price. Kayak helps you get the best deal by querying all the major flight providers, ensuring that your flight won't break the bank.


As fun as paying $200 for a business dinner out of pocket may be, you're probably going to want expense that surf-and-turf. Expensify simplifies the expense report process, whether you're an employee or a manger, which means better receipt tracking and less wasted money.


Small business owners rejoice, Square has you covered. The emerging money-sending darling has supplanted PayPal as the financial solution for startups, and with growing partnerships with large businesses like Starbucks, accessing your corporate coffers will be easier than ever.


Meeting customers face-to face can make an impression, but when proximity is an issue, you need a solution. Skype not only affords you the ability to video call over a wi-fi connection, but keeps you connected to IM for quick responses.


If you're managing a multitude of accounts and projects, you need an app that's going to handle your communications effectively. Mailbox is a simplified, gesture-based email application that helps you quickly process your inbound messages and clear your


At the end of a hard day, sometimes you just need to unplug. Thunderspace has no discernible business utility, but with a library of soothing thunderstorms at your fingertips, even a busy day can end with a little peace.

From keeping your thoughts straight to keeping your expenses in check, the business owner has a library of solutions to turn to that will improve productivity and performance. With convenient communications, money-management, and travel solutions in pocket, you can expect your productivity and your peace of mind to see a bit of a boost.

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